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We want to help as many mums as possible beat the belly bulge by giving you this FREE eBook full of recipes to lose belly fat as well as belly fat burning exercises.

One of the most stubborn areas to shift fat, especially after you become a mum, is the belly.

Factors including hormones, pregnancy and stress can lead to weight gain around the tummy area, as well as eating processed and junk food.

How food can help blast your tummy fat

Food plays a major part in managing our weight, eating a healthy diet is a fantastic way to to lose weight and keep it off. 

Everything in moderation is a lovely thought. However, when trying to blast belly fat, reducing and avoiding a few fat-promoting foods is a better idea. In this ebook you can find out exactly what you should be eating and what to avoid.

How exercises can help you shred your saggy stomach

Belly fat is a troublesome area for many of us. 

Our flat and toned pre-baby belly seems so far away now. BUT NEVER FEAR you can get your abs back and blast away that belly fat.

All it takes is a whole lot of determination, healthy eating, and knowing which exercises are best for sculpting those obliques.

In this ebook, we reveal the best exercises to lose belly fat.


  • Helps you understand what BELLY FAT is and why it can be so hard to shift.
  • Gives you tips on the best foods to eat to BLAST YOUR BELLY FAT.
  • Contains a range of nutritionist-designed DELICIOUS RECIPES designed to break down belly fat.
  • Has simple easy-to-follow exercises, created by our expert fitness trainers, to help you TONE your BELLY.

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