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Hi ladies – over the years I have been inundated with requests from mums to share my own experience in business and to share tips and advice to help the hundreds of thousands of other mums either in their own business or wanting to do their own business – or just part of a business wanting help.

I am a VERY busy mum of two boys and I founded The Healthy Mummy in 2010 and left my 12 year career to follow my dreams and since I launched – it has been a whirlwind!

If you don’t know my story you can read it here


I certainly do not profess to know it all but I have sooooo much experience and I have sooo much (almost too much that I could share) and I have promised for a long time to do this so here I am finally getting around to doing it!

But before I get started I would LOVE for you to let me know below what information you would like to know when I start writing

Then by entering your details you will be sent an email when I write my first piece and I hope you all learn lots from what I have to share and I will try and get through every single point you want to know

Rhian x

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