Weight Loss

How this mum lost 35kg, shed belly fat & began running – and how you can do it too!

Randa Jaide is a walking inspiration after losing 35kg and transforming her body and health – and losing her tummy fat

Randa has been using The Healthy Mummy weight loss program and wow looks incredible!

How Randa did it

“In June 2019 I made a life changing decision, and that was to join the Healthy Mummy, I didn’t realise this would be the case at the time.


I ordered my first healthy mummy smoothie tub and signed up for a 3 month trial to the healthy mummy app, I went into it with a focus on just being healthy and able to move more freely and comfortably with my kids, I didn’t have a goal weight in mind I just wanted to see what would happen.

It turned out this was the best way I could’ve managed my lifestyle transformation, it meant I put no pressure on myself and didn’t set myself up for failure, only to succeed.

When I first started I walked between 3-5km a day then incorporated the healthy mummy app workouts and as my body began to shrink and become stronger I set myself a goal to be able to run, again, I never imagined that in September this year I would complete my first half marathon!

My food now I’m maintaining is very much the same as when I started my journey as my aim was to achieve a healthy maintainable lifestyle something I could do forever and with Healthy Mummy that’s exactly what I got, a way of life

I went from 104.5kg to 69kg and I would recommend everyone to take the first step today too”

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