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You will then be sent access to join the exclusive PRIVATE SUPPORT group where you can talk to other members on the 28 Day Challenge and get NON STOP motivation and accountability to keep you on track.

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Check out this AWESOME result from our last 12 week challenge!

Cassandra Perrin LOST 30 kilos 80cms

Cassandra, 41 from Bredbo, NSW is mum to 6 beautiful children 19 to 6 years old. Dedicating herself to her family for 22 years  and dealing with challenges meant she lost herself a along the way which led to weight gain.

“I got depressed and it was a vicious cycle. I was stoked when the 12 challenge was announced as this was what I needed. I had 12 weeks of support and accountability with a group of women who were all there doing the same thing, I could do it in the safety of my home and still be connected to a support system of an amazing community and be held accountable each week with my weigh-in, measurements and progress photos.

“I didn’t have to go to a gym. As a morbidly obese lady with social anxiety and depression, this was amazing. I was excited to be a part of a community and still be hidden.”

See more of Cassandra’s story here.

Kirsty Whitehead LOST 18.5 kilos & 72 cms

Kirsty Whitehead has lost a whopping 18.5 kilo and 72cm on the the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. The 39-year-old SA-based mum has been following the challenge since 2015 and had lost 38.9kg in total.

“Just before the 12 Week Challenge was announced I made a decision to focus on ME and my wants. The timing was perfect and I wanted to give it my all,” she says.

“My pledge was to be committed to myself. To not give up, to focus on my whole self, my physical, emotionally and also my inner health. To lose 10 kilos.”

See more of Kirsty’s story here.

Christine Hamann LOST 13 kilos & 32cms

Christine Hamann has lost 13kg and 32cm in just 12 weeks on the 12 Week Challenge!

The South Australian-based mum-of-three decided to sign up to the Challenge because she needed to give herself a kick start.

“I had become complacent on my health journey and the scales were slowly starting to rise again,” she admits.

“My pledge was to lose 5kgs and to stay consistent the whole way through and I surpassed my pledge and lost 13kg and 32cm.”

See more of Christine’s story here.

Jasmine  Ready LOST 10.3 kilos & 37cms

What a transformation Jasmine Ready has had on the 12 Week Challenge, losing 10.3kg and 37cm off her body!

The Queensland-based mum has been a member of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge since 2016 and has lost a grand total of 39kg in that time!

Jasmine signed up to the 12 Week Challenge because she wanted to lose between 10-12kg and fit in her dress!

“Amazingly, the dress was able to do up at six weeks and I changed my pledged for the other six weeks to get my back rolls gone,” she says.

“Now, I am stronger and fitter every week and keep heading towards my goal. I used the app for everything during the 12 Week Challenge and continued on using it.”

See more of Jasmine’s story here.

Crystal Joy LOST 11.2 kilos

This Grafton-based mum has lost 11.2kg in JUST 12 weeks on The Healthy Mummy’s 12 Week Challenge!

Crystal has been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge since the end of April 2021 but really started it when the 12 Week Challenge started in May 2021.

“I decided to join as I saw a photo of me full length on our holiday in April 2021 and it was so terrible that I said I couldn’t look like this anymore and my son needs a healthy fit mum to keep up with and not to be an embarrassment to my son,” she says.

See more of Crystal’s story here.


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