The 156 calorie Chocolate Bar Mums just can’t get enough of!

Picture this, you’ve had a hard day running around after the kids, you’ve all had dinner, the kitchen is clean, the kids are tucked in and you finally get to flop on the couch and watch your favourite Netflix show you’ve been binging. Everything is perfect until…it strikes! That dreaded chocolate craving!!

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there! But before you reach for your favourite calorie, fat and sugar-laden chocolate bar, The Healthy Mummy has just put a NEW RECIPE  into it’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and Mums are going absolutely nuts for it!

It’s the Raspberry Ripe and it’s the perfect after dinner (or late afternoon) sweet chocolate treat that will more than satisfy your cravings without ruining your weight loss plans! Even better, it is a great recipe to meal prep and store in the freezer for when those cravings strike!

At just 156 calories, mums in our amazing community were keen to share their pics and comments on their new favourite treat! So we’re sharing too. Scroll down for the recipe!