17 creative ways to reach your 10,000 steps a day

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So you’ve finally bought yourself a pedometer/Fitbit/Garmin… go you! Were you surprised by hard it can be to actually reach that ‘elusive’ 10,000 steps a day?

Typically, a sedentary person, will walk around 1,000 to 3,000 steps a day. So with a little focus and commitment, you can easily bump that number up. Especially if you get a little creative.

how to reach 10,000 steps a day

10,000 steps a day actually equates to 500 calories burned… Not bad if you can reach this goal easily each day without too much thought.

Why 10,000 steps?

Ever wondered why this is the magic number? It all started in Japan in the 1960s by a researcher, Dr Yoshiro Hatano. He discovered that to remain at our optimum health we needed to be burning 20% of our calorie intake. Which on average, happened to be 10,000 steps.

This research has now reached out to the wider world and the World Health Organisation recognises and recommends that people reach this goal each day to improve their health and reduce risk of diseases.

So let’s get creative – ways to bump your activity to 10K steps

While at home

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1. Pace

Instead of standing waiting/talking/watching TV, pace the room at the same time.

2. Cleaning

Take one item at a time back to their living place.

3. Washing

Again, walk one item from the machine to the line at a time (you’ll be surprised how many steps this can add)

4. Phone calls

Make sure to take the call on your mobile so you can walk and talk.

While at work

Cherri and Treadmill




5. Bus stop

Get off the bus one stop before work and walk the rest of the way.

6. Stairs

Instead of the elevator, take the stairs.

7. Visit co-workers

Instead of emailing or phoning your co-workers, walk to their office.

8. Coffee breaks

If you are having a coffee meeting, make it a walking meeting.

9. Treadmill or standing desk

Self explanatory!

Reminders – especially at work where you sit all day, set reminders to get up and move every hour.

Out and about

Rhian beach walking

10. Coffee dates

Instead of sitting in a cafe, make them a walking date.

11. Park dates

While the kids play, you walk the perimeter or why not add a swing set work out.

12. Increase intensity

While running errands strap your baby to your back, walk up hills etc.

13. Parking

Park in the furthest spot from the shops, instead of the closest.

14. Avoid escalators

I find these days there don’t seem to be stairs so much anymore, but if there are, find them.

15. Be inefficient

While at the grocery store, go back and forth rather than systematically going down each aisle.

16. Kindy/school drop off

Walk! And get the kids to scoot or bike ride.

17. Bikes

Speaking of scooters and bikes, while they ride, you run next to them.

With all these ways to add steps in to your day, there will be no excuse not to smash that 10K steps goal and even up it to 12,500 and be considered highly active!


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