Mum with severe arthritis finds relief and loses almost 20kgs thanks to The Healthy Mummy!

This wine-loving mother and grandmother haslost almost 20 kgs and is feeling better than ever, including less pain from her arthritis.
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Cas Leech is a wine-loving mother and grandmother who has severe arthritis, which was impacting her life both physically and mentally. After hating every photo taken at a family photo shoot, she realised she needed to make a change and stumbled upon The Healthy Mummy.

Due to her arthritis, she had to make some adaptations to the Healthy Mummy plan, but that’s the best part about it you can! Now she’s lost almost 20 kgs and is feeling better than ever, including less pain from her arthritis.

Read her amazing journey below…

She’s lost almost 20kg, found some relief from severe arthritis and is feeling AMAZING!

Cas is a 49-year-old mum of two, with 3 step-daughters and two beautiful grandsons that lives in Adelaide, which she calls “not the city of churches but the city of wine”, so she obviously loves a drop. After not being able to see family due to border closures, they finally all got together for a photoshoot, but Cas hated all the photos.

“I was in Brisbane last year to see my daughter for the first time in years due to our travel restrictions, and we had a family photo shoot – I hated every photo when they came back. I just could not believe how big I had gotten. I was depressed and just drank wine to try and make me feel better about life. My weight just spiralled, and I felt awful.”

She stumbled upon The Healthy Mummy when scrolling on Facebook and took it as the sign she needed to make a change.

“Facebook scrolling in January, and there was The Healthy Mummy – I knew it was time! I have not looked back! I love this new life I have now – life is GREAT!”

“I have lost 19.2 kilos now and a total of 159.40cm from the waist, hips, bust, arms and thighs.”

Since starting in January, she’s never looked back nor ever felt better.

“I started this journey on the 22nd January this year and have not looked back! When I started this journey, I could barely walk the required 15 minutes as recommended by the Healthy Mummy app, and now I walk 6 days a week for 45-60 plus minutes a day. That first time I hit 10000 steps was AMAZING! I didn’t think I would ever get there, and whilst I have not hit the 20000 – it is a goal now – I get close on weekends but not just not there yet!”

As much as Cas is proud of seeing the scales go down, she knows it’s not all about the scales. She’s celebrating her non-scale victories (NSV) and how The Healthy Mummy has helped her find a new healthy lifestyle.

“Size 18 in Jan – size 10 today – my exciting NSV.”

“I’m feeling amazing right now!!”

She’s also seen some significant changes in her arthritis symptoms.

“There have been definite health benefits – fitter, breathe better and can complete so many more activities than I could previously. I have severe arthritis in my lower back along with degenerative disc disease, and whilst there is not much more medically that can be done apart from surgery, The Healthy Mummy program has helped with my day-to-day pain levels.”

More about her arthritis

Cas has arthritis which has severely impacted not only her lifestyle but her bank balance with all the treatments and other purchases to help her live a more independent pain-free life.

“The arthritis is severe and, some days, extremely debilitating. I have had my nerve ends burnt off, injections and a range of medications. We even purchased a $7,000 lift bed that stands me up in the mornings as I could not get out of bed. My mornings were spent in tears and needing my hubby to help me put on my socks and shoes as I could not bend down – I do this myself now like a big girl.”

Although her arthritis has meant she’s had to adapt The Healthy Mummy plan for her needs, especially the exercises. But she has seen even her arthritis improve as she saw the weight come off.

It limits my exercise as I can’t get up and down from the floor, so walking it is. With the weight loss following The Healthy Mummy, I don’t need the lift feature on the bed now, and instead of small walks, I can walk for over an hour. I don’t need to use my back brace anymore when I walk either – something I used every day when I started my journey.”

“The next steps for me are unknown as the arthritis spreads, but the weight loss has seen me less medicated and more active, which is, for me, 100% amazing.”

What are her go-to recipes and go-to Healthy Mummy products?

Cas swears by Healthy Mummy Smoothies and Carb X as part of her meal plan to help support all the other changes to her life she’s making.

“I have Healthy Mummy Smoothies for breakfast Monday-Saturday – my go-to is usually the Healthy Mummy Tummy Vanilla as I can add such a variety of frozen fruits. Sunday is always a cooked breakfast – a recipe from the app!”

Carb X is my favourite Healthy Mummy product, and I believe this has been the ultimate product assisting me with this weight loss.”

“Wine is my weakness, and I have stopped drinking 3-4 glasses a day – I might have one every third night and have swapped the wine for low-calorie drinks like vodka with lime and soda if I want a drink, and now I have at least 3 alcohol-free days a week.”

Cas has her favourite Healthy Mummy recipes she always goes back to when she’s meal planning.

“I meal plan every Friday night for the week ahead – Saturday nights are the only nights there is no Healthy Mummy meal – it is usually the night we go out or have dinner with friends and whilst I am still mindful of my calories I relax a little bit more.”

“My most fav meal from the app is Prawn and Rocket Fettuccine. The baked pear and custard tart are awesome (this is my hubby’s fave), and I could probably send you a full page of my favourite snacks. My lunch go-to is the supreme pizza quesadilla.”

“I bake every Sunday, and my husband (my greatest support) cooks our dinners every night/prepares my lunches for work. He eats all the same dinners as me and has the same Sunday breakfast meals (he has lost 10 kg just doing that).”

She’s also turned some of her friends into Healthy Mummy mums!

“I have 3 friends that have now joined The Healthy Mummy after watching my journey and listening to me talk about how great this has been for my life! I am the happiest I have been in years and know I could not have done this without The Healthy Mummy.”

Her top 3 tips

  1. Take the Carb X
  2. Cut back the alcohol
  3. Exercise but listen to your body and don’t overdo it

We love to hear how the 28 Day Challenge and The Healthy Mummy have not only helped mums lose weight but also helped reduce other health concerns. Can’t wait to see more of Cas’s journey!

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