Patriotic mum loves celebrating daughter’s birthday on Australia Day

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Kate Shelby loves that daughter Hayley was born on Australia Day, as they always get to spend the public holiday together doing fun things.

The Queensland-based mum tells The Healthy Mummy she wasn’t expecting to give birth on the public holiday in 2011.

Australia Day was not my due date. I was 6 days over my original due date and dying to just get her out,” says Kate.

I was in labour for roughly 16 hours on January 25, and my partner jokingly told me ‘to hold on’, because he really wanted an Australia day babyHayley was born shortly after 1am in the morning on Australia Day.”

Patriotic mum loves celebrating daughter’s birthday on Australia Day

hayley and daughter

And despite missing the Australia Day Celebrations that year, Kate says she makes sure she does something special for her daughter’s birthday every year.

kate and daughter

Last year, we had a BBQ with friends and spent the day in the pool,” Kate continues.

I think we are lucky that her birthday never falls on a school day and we can spend the time with her without having to book time off work.”

And better yet, every year Hayley gets fireworks on her birthday!

Hayley. Source: Supplied
Hayley. Source: Supplied

We are very lucky as we have fireworks within walking distance and can often see them from our balcony, to be able to have fireworks every year on your birthday is such a bonus,” Kate says.

I’m very proud and privileged to be Australian. My mother came here by boat from England as a young child, we would not be here without that journey.

My sister has aboriginal heritage, so we always take a moment to think about how Australia came to be and the sacrifices the native people are still making today. 

My daughter – just like my other children – are part of Australia’s future.”

Hayley gets fireworks on her birthday every year. Source: Supplied
Hayley gets fireworks on her birthday every year. Source: Supplied

Aww, what a lovely story. Thanks for sharing this with us Hayley.

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