This mum was empowered when she recently went shopping for activewear

This mum was recently empowered about her weight loss journey when she went shopping for some activewear and we couldn't be happier for her.
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One thing that can be hard when you are on your weight loss journey is shopping for clothes especially in stores that before your weight loss you wouldn’t even imagine stepping into. But when you can walk in there and purchase something without concern for it not fitting it is empowering.

This happened recently to one the mums in our Healthy Mummy community Jayde Victoria when she went shopping for activewear.


Jayde Victoria side transformation

Jayde’s inspirational shopping story

“So today I bought my first pair of Lorna Jane leggings. I was super nervous going in there because I’ve never been able to fit into their stuff before.

I looked around for a bit not knowing where to start. The lady asked me if I needed help and to describe the type of fit I liked. I explained and then she asked me a question I was dreading… what size?

Despite the fact that I’m very comfortable in a Running Bare size 12 I am always hesitant to share my size. I convinced myself that everywhere else I would be bigger as running bare must just be a large fit. When I say I’m a 12 in Running Bare tights I actually expect her to look at me and laugh. But she didn’t. She didn’t even bat an eyelid. She grabbed me a bunch of clothes and I tried them on. As I’m showing her the clothes and talking about how insecure I feel about parts of my body she stops me and says that she is also a PT and that she can tell I work out and work hard on my body by my shoulder definition and arms.

I ended up walking out with a shirt and a pair of size SMALL pants. That’s a size 10! I also felt like a million bucks thanks to the lovely lady. She told me I need to be kind to myself and be proud of how far I’ve come. She is so right. I wore those pants to the gym tonight and absolutely kicked ass in my workout.

Feeling proud and so incredibly grateful for The Healthy Mummy and how it has changed my life”

When asked how The Healthy Mummy has helped her journey Jayde said:

“I am a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member I don’t use smoothies but I definitely use the app and recipes.”

We are so proud of you too Jayde and love that you have come so far! Love who you are because you are beautiful!

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