4 Ingredient Raspberry Filled Chocolates

4 ingredient raspberry filled chocolates

These sweet little chocolates taste as good as they look! With their ripe raspberry filling, you’ll be so glad you took the time to make these homemade chocolates. At Easter time it’s easy to give in to temptation that lurks at the end of EVERY aisle at the supermarket. But […]


Comforting chicken and vegetable lasagne

A family favourite with a healthy twist – a stack of hidden veggies! The whole family will love this comforting chicken and vegetable lasagne. Feel free to use beef mince if you prefer, and make it gluten free by using gluten free lasagne sheets if you like. This recipe comes from […]

Fibre Rich Korean-Style Veggie Rice Bowl

Fibre-rich Korean-style veggie rice bowl

Don’t spend your hard-earned cash at a Korean restaurant when you can make a super healthy version at home. This delicious rice bowl dinner is filling as it’s packed with healthy veggies and the goodness of brown rice. Feel free to tweak this 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe depending on […]

5 Ingredient Wholesome Homemade Easter Eggs

5 ingredient wholesome homemade Easter eggs

Here’s a great recipe to make in time for Easter that the kids can help you with. Making your own Easter eggs is a fun activity, but it also means you’re leaving out a ton of the added sugar that come with store bought eggs. Why not make a double […]

Four Ingredient Gooey Caramel Easter Eggs

Four ingredient gooey caramel Easter eggs

We had you at ‘gooey’ didn’t we? Thank you to 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Chloe Cox for sharing this fabulous recipe and photo, just in time for Easter. Just four ingredients is all you need to create this healthy version of an Easter favourite for your family. At 85 […]