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9 Ways To Lose 5kg by May 28

At The Healthy Mummy, something we are VERY proud of is helping mums lose OVER 2 million kg And with 7 years of experience of helping mums lose weight and get healthy, we are pretty confident that we can help you too And one of the important factors in losing […]

Weight Loss
Carrot Zucchini Cake

Lunchbox Friendly Carrot and Zucchini Cake

While it’s still what you might call a ‘sometimes’ food, this cake is higher in fibre and lower in added sugar than most pre-made options. It’s also nut free, making it a great option for a healthy lunchbox treat for the kids. Why not make a batch (or two) and […]

Mexican Chicken Pie

Comforting Mexican Chicken Pie

This is a healthy alternative to the classic chicken pie with a Mexican twist. It’s sure to be a hit with the whole family. Make in individual pie dishes, or make one large pie for the family to share. This is a great recipe to drop off to a friend […]

Cherry Ripe Chia Pudding

179 Calorie Cherry Ripe Chia Pudding

This healthy breakfast ticks all the boxes. It’s low in calories, tastes fantastic, it’s prepared in advance to save you time in the morning, and it’s only got a handful of ingredients. And did we mention that it tastes like a Cherry Ripe? This recipe comes from the 28 Day Weight […]

BBQ Beef Wrap

Classic BBQ Beef Wrap

Here’s a quick and easy BBQ Beef Wrap recipe for lunch or dinner that is free from egg, dairy and nuts. It’s perfect for even the fussiest of eaters as you can customise the contents based on what they like (plus there’s sauce which tends to be popular!). Why not […]