Big Batch Banana Bread

Healthy and freezable big batch banana bread

28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Dina Santos has shared her fabulous banana bread recipe which is perfect for afternoon tea. It makes 12 pieces so it’s great to prepare it when you have friends coming over or you want to make enough for the whole family. It also freezes well, […]

Mac and Cream Cheese Choc Mint Smoothie

Creamy choc-mint and macadamia milk smoothie

Have you tried the new choc-mint flavour Healthy Mummy Smoothie powder? 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Clare Poole has sent us her recipe for a delicious and nutrient packed smoothie that is sure to give you a boost in the morning. The Choc-Mint and Macadamia Milk Smoothie uses macadamia milk and […]

Healthy Protein Packed Chocolate Bites

Healthy protein packed chocolate BITES! Yum!

28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Heather Barron has shared her delicious chocolate treat with us, and you are definitely going to want to give these a go. These Protein Packed Chocolate Bites contain everyday ingredients that you probably already have on hand in the pantry.

Protein Packed Raw Chocolate Brownies

Protein PACKED raw chocolate brownies

Many brownie recipes use nuts to add a little crunch and flavour, but this amazing recipe sees nuts as the star of the show. 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Dina Santos has sent us this recipe for Protein Packed Raw Chocolate Brownies and they look AMAZING. Packed with cashews, […]

Healthy Mummy Competition Winners - 23 March 2017

Competition Winners – 17 July 2017

See if you’re a winner this week! Every week The Healthy Mummy runs LOTS of different competitions with LOADS of fabulous prizes to be won. Prizes include smoothies, singlets, cookbooks and other goodies from our Healthy Mummy merchandise range as well as some special hand-picked goodies that we think our members will love!