‘I’m ditching the beach dress this summer!’ How this mum lost 17kg and got her body bikini ready

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Talk about summer body inspiration! This mum is now rocking her confident new self after losing 17kg on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Here’s how Kelly Coombs transformed her figure and got her body beach ready for summer.


How this mum lost 17kg and got her body bikini ready

Prior to following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Kelly and her family were eating quite a bit of takeaway and eating from fast-food outlets.  Sometimes, the family would have takeaway up to three times a week.

When it came to making meals however, Kelly was certain she was cooking healthily.

“I thought I was cooking reasonably healthy, but it turns out I was wrong. We were using a lot of pre-packaged sauces and flavours. I thought they were saving me time, but it actually wasn’t now I look back at it.”

Kelly says she would also skip breakfast (and sometimes even lunch). As a result, she would find herself binge eating in the afternoon and opting for BIG dinners and sugar-laden snacks for dessert.

“I was lucky if I drank a glass of water a day!” she says. “But I felt horrible and lethargic.”

A real turning point for Kelly however was following the birth of her second daughter. Her bub had just turned six months old and they were on a family trip to Bali. Upon popping on her bathing suit and walking down to the pool, Kelly began to feel really self-conscious about her appearance.

kelly dress
Kelly in her swimming dress.

“I wore a bikini but had a ‘swimming dress’ on top the whole time to cover my figure,” she says. “I just didn’t feel comfortable walking around without it on.”

kelly coombs

That’s when Kelly decided she needed to do something about her confidence, and joined the 28 day Weight Loss Challenge.

Customising the Challenge to suit her family’s needs and budget

“I customised the plan each week to suit my family’s taste in food and also budget. I found by doing this we were saving around $100 a week in food shopping,” she reveals.

“I have three meals a day and three snacks and I make a conscious effort to watch my portion sizes.

“Exercise still isn’t my strong suit, but I do try to keep moving as much as I can.”

Kelly before andf after

Kelly has now lost 17kg and is set to go on her annual family trip back to Bali in three weeks. But this time she won’t be hiding behind her dress.

“I’ll be ready to rock my bikini with all the confidence in the world,” she says.

“I now love my body, and I feel so much happier in my own skin. Thanks for helping me get bikini ready, Healthy Mummy.”

You’re looking amazing, Kelly! We hope you have an amazing holiday with the family.

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