‘I’ve learned so much about myself!’ says Mum who’s lost nearly 9kg and 41cm on the 12 Week Challenge

Donna Ahu has been through a difficult time the last few years but she has been able to lose 8.8kg and 41cm on the 12 Week Challenge!

The Christchurch-based mum reveals she initially wanted to lose a bit of weight but decided to sign up for the 12 Week Challenge as she wanted a bigger commitment.

“Life has thrown me numerous curve balls. My dad passed away, my husband not only was diagnosed with cancer but also needed a kidney transplant and then to top it off ended up in a wheelchair, through all of this I just kept gaining weight just not being able to get my head in the right space,” she says.

“I signed up to the 12 Week Challenge as I needed a bigger commitment. Strange how your brain works, so my pledge was to finish something I started and now that my husband is a lot better it was time to look after me.”

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Mum has lost 8.8kg in 41cm on the 12 Week Challenge

In fact, Donna says she’s seen heaps of health benefits since signing up to the 12 Week Challenge.

“I have had many benefits, my fitness has improved, my skin is better, I sleep better at night and I really think it is helping with menopause,” she says.

“Once I got the tool kit I read it and made a plan as much as I could, I am a variable hours shift worker so my hours change everyday but it was useful.”

Mum has lost 8.8kg in 41cm on the 12 Week Challenge

What Donna eats on a typical day

Breakfast: smoothie or poached eggs with soldiers and tomatoes.

Snacks: Nuts, fruit, or rice crackers, hummus, veggie sticks and peanut butter.

Lunch: Salad or soup.

Dinner: A recipe from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app. My favourites would be Ribs and Salad, Lentil Shepard’s Pie, Enchiladas or a good curry.

Mum has lost 8.8kg in 41cm on the 12 Week Challenge

“I don’t use THM smoothies but all my meals are from The Healthy Mummy app. I love the variety of recipes available,” she says.

“The last 12 weeks have been amazing I have learned so much about myself and amazed at what my body can achieve even at my age. Would I do another 12 weeks?… Absolutely!

“If I had to give any advise it would be too walk your own journey we are all different, don’t compare your journey to others. I would often see others getting upset that they weren’t having the same results.

“This is something I used to do but now it’s all about improving me however long it takes, trust in The Healthy Mummy, it works.”

Mum has lost 8.8kg in 41cm on the 12 Week Challenge

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