Mum shares why her second pregnancy, a Healthy Mummy one, was a totally different experience second time round!

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Laura Lilley joined The Healthy Mummy after the birth of her first baby three years ago to lose her baby weight and feel good about herself again. She went on to lose 25 kilos and has recently had her second baby.

Having now experienced two pregnancy’s, one without the Healthy Mummy and one with, she is amazed by how much better she felt, the second time around.

“My body felt so much healthier and more equipped to handle being pregnant. I was able to stay active, run our home, look after a busy 3 year old and keep working full time as a Kindergarten teacher up until 36 weeks!”

Laura share’s her story below and has some amazing advice for new mums taking up a weight loss journey.

Laura’s Pregnancy’s

The first photo is of Laura three weeks after having her first cesarean three years ago. The second was taken four days after her second caesarean.

Laura says,  “The first pregnancy in 2017 I tried to do myself, the second I did with the support of the Healthy Mummy. 

The difference to my body this time around was amazing. I feel so much better and so much more determined to stay on track, even while I sit on the lounge for what feels like most of the day.”

Laura’s post-pregnancy weight loss

Laura joined the Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge after the birth of her son in 2017. By following the meal plans and embracing the Healthy Mummy lifestyle, Laura not only lost over 25 kilos, she also experienced some other life-changing benefits.

“I lost the weight but also I managed my insulin resistance without the assistance of medication. I’ve also come off my anxiety medication and can manage my mental health with support and strategies from a psychologist.”

‘A totally different experience’

Falling pregnant again this year, Laura has enjoyed a completely different experience from her first pregnancy.

“When we fell pregnant with our daughter, my body felt so much healthier and more equipped to handle being pregnant. I was able to stay active, run our home, look after a busy 3-year-old and keep working full time as a Kindergarten teacher up until 36 weeks!”

By following Healthy Mummy recipes, meal plans, exercise and keeping up with people in the Facebook Support group, I gained 12kgs while pregnant and lost 8kgs once Lucy was born. I had such a better mind set this pregnancy.

“I was more willing to stay active and understood the importance of not always giving in to pregnancy cravings.”

Laura’s advice to mums after having their baby

1) Take your time.

“You are amazing. Being pregnant and giving birth are HUGE changes for your body. You don’t need to bounce back straight away. Be kind to yourself.” 

2) Set your boundaries.

“It’s lovely to have visitors come and see you and baby, but if you don’t want to have cake and coffee every time someone comes around, you don’t have to be polite and eat it every time. You are allowed to say no. To cake, to visitors, to not putting yourself first. What you want is important. Your boundaries matter.”

3) Make time to prep.

“Being prepared can make a big difference. I get hubby to hold the baby and pop a video on for Mr 3 so I can have an hour to prep snacks to prevent me from making poor choices. 

“You CAN do this. You just made and birthed a person. You can do ANYTHING! Put you first sometimes, your family will thank you.”

Amazing advice Laura and congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter!!

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