Walking the dog helped this mum lose 17kg & tackle mental health issues

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You don’t have to buy a heap of active wear and sign up to the gym just because you’ve decided made the HUGE leap to start to live a healthy lifestyle.

Some people prefer to take it slow, like this healthy mummy Jacoby Hall – who has lost over 17kg following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

The brave mum-of-one has shared how she took control of her health and tackled postnatal depression, post traumatic stress disorder and hit her weight loss goals.


Walking the dog helped this mum lose 17kg & tackle mental health issues

Jacoby says after the birth of her daughter she suffered with postnatal depression and post traumatic stress disorder following a labour that she believes wasn’t managed very well.

“I didn’t know how to handle how I was feeling after the birth of my daughter,” she says.

“And what I was eating didn’t help me feel better, although I thought it did. Chocolate was my downfall. If I ever felt down, I’d reach for the sugary sweets. I also yo-yoed with my weight throughout my life.

“I would lose weight then stack it on six months later.”


Jacoby reveals everything felt like a struggle – even walking the dog felt like so much effort.

Jacoby’s partner left her then came back a few weeks later, as he was struggling to deal with her postnatal depression and post traumatic stress disorder, but she explains that it was the “jolt she needed to sort my life out.”

But then she saw an ad on Facebook for The Healthy Mummy.

“I looked at the page and started following the stories and seeing the results, and how amazingly supportive everyone was,” she says.

“I decided it was something I wanted to try. I felt like I’d hit rock bottom. But I wanted to take it slow. I didn’t want to jump in, as I felt I’d fail.”

Jacoby 2

So, that’s what Jacoby did at first. She ate the recipes on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge hub, but that was all she did.

“I wasn’t doing any exercises on the app in the beginning. Where I had become so big, I had bad foot spurs and torn ligaments, so I decided to take it slow,” she admits.

“I just walked for 15 minutes with my dog, every day. It was all I could do.”

In the first month, Jacoby lost 5kg. She then noticed the weight was slowly falling off and she found she was finding the strength and energy – as well as the positive mental attitude – to be able to slowly try different things.

“I drank more water, as I was suffering from major migraines after cutting back on sugar, but I told myself to ‘suck it up’,” she admits.

“I found I was also beginning to enjoy exercising – something I had found a chore before.”

Jacoby’s first major goal was to go back to work after maternity leave and be wearing a  smaller uniform to her work at a health insurance company.


“I was a size 18, but by the time I went back to work I was in a size 14, and now I’m in a size 12 which is too big for me!” she says.

And Jacoby says she’s a huge gym junkie – she does boxing classes, trains at 5.30am every morning and works on her strength at the gym. And she’s now lost an impressive 19kg altogether!

“I love exercise now,” she says. “Before I was lazy, but now I get up at 5.30pm and see my personal trainer. My mind and health is SO much more important than having a sleep in.”

Great work, Jacoby! You are looking fantastic!

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