15 fitness tips to help you finish the month off with a BANG!

To help you PUSH through the rest of month here are 15 incredible tips from 5 inspiring mums to help you finish the month off with a BANG!
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It’s drawing nearer and nearer to the end of the month. You have been working hard to SMASH your fitness and weight loss goals. Now that a new month is edging closer – this isn’t the time to relax. It’s the time to PUSH yourself even harder and finish with a bang!

We know you can do it! You just have to believe YOU can do it!

For that little extra inspiration, to help you PUSH through the rest of month (and complete week 4 of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge) here are 15 incredible tips from 5 of our Squad Mums to help you finish the month off with a BANG!


15 fitness tips FROM 5 MUMS to help you finish the month off with a BANG!

Cicily Goodwin

Cicily has lost an incredible 53 kilograms since following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. To help you push through the final week on the Challenge Cicily suggests:

1. Keep pushing: You will thank yourself if you push through.

2.Change it up: Try some new recipes on the Challenge or a different Smoothie concoction! Get some excitement into your food.

3.Get back on the wagon: Did you go off track? GET BACK UP! One meal or one day does not change the efforts of this month. I love to have a sneaky meal mid Challenge – that’s FINE! But now you need to re-find that focus the next day and smash it out of the park.

You can read more about Cicily’s incredible weight loss journey here!


Kaitie Purssell

Healthy Mummy Kaitie, who has lost 21kgs following The Healthy Mummy, has some AWESOME tips to help you smash the FINAL week of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. They are:

1.Up the water intake: Keep up water intake. And remember green tea counts on these chilly days.

2.Try a different workout on the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App: There are so many to choose from! Express workouts, weights workouts, dance fit – try something new and shake it up a bit! Literally!

3.Keep your eyes on the prize (well, overall goal): Stay focused ladies. We are nearly there. KEEP GOING. Think about your goals. You could even make a motivational board!


Lauren Kolstad

This inspiring mum has lost more than 27kgs since following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. Lauren, who is also a nutritionist encourages mums to try the following in week 4:

1.Tabata is life – The Tabata exercise on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App is easy to fit into your day and get your body moving. 4 minutes of effort for a 24hr fat burning reward. Winner.

2.Get your family on board: Have you gotten your family on board? Everyone in on the action is the best way to stay motivated. Be sure to customise some family-friendly fave recipes into your meal plan. Think Devilled Sausages, Shepherds pie,  One-pot spaghetti bol, hidden veg sausage rolls, chicken parma, nachos.

You can find these recipes on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

3.Focus on a non scale goal this week: How do you feel? Did you give up soft drink? If you are struggling for ideas – ask for help, we’ve (The Healthy Mummy community) got your back!

Jacoby Cash

Inspiring Jacoby Cash has lost 18.8kgs* on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. When it comes to SMASHING the final week of Challenge Jacoby suggests:

1.Protein, protein, protein: Keep up a decent amount of protein at every meal. You’ll be fuller for longer and won’t grab for chocolate at the 3pm slump.

2. Water – drink it ladies: It’s liquid gold. It helps to flush toxins out of your system and BOOSTS your metabolism.

3. Move your body: Exercise! Move your body. Even if you don’t feel like it, once you get going you’ll be so glad you did.


Lauren Da Silva

Lauren initially lost 15kgs in six months and has since been maintaining this weight loss. Her top three tips to help YOU finish the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge with a BANG are:

1.Keep it fun: Working out and keeping fit doesn’t have to be done in a gym or outside the house. You can do it in your lounge room and get the kids to join in too! If you still haven’t tried DanceFit or Tabata, then now is the time! You can find these exercises extensions on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App, under the exercise tab.

2. Step outside your comfort zone: I’m sure you’ve found a few favourite meals by now and are probably repeating it a lot. Try something new! A new fruit, a new vegetable, something you would never normally eat.

3. Make mini goals: Make sure you have small, attainable goals along the way instead of only focusing on your end goal. You must be proud every step you take on this journey.


Thanks ladies. These tips are awesome and will no doubt INSPIRE other mums following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to SMASH their goals and keep up the incredible work.

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