65% of mums are NOT a fan of their thighs – many revealing they wish they had Jessica Alba’s booty!

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While we often hear about women feeling dissatisfied with their own body image, it seems the area a lot would like to work on is their thighs and butts.

In light of our March 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – which includes exercises that target butts and thighs, we surveyed over 1,000 mums to find out how they felt about these areas of their body.

It turns out that 65 percent revealed they are NOT a fan of their thighs. Meanwhile, 45 per cent of these women also admitted to not being fans of their bottoms either.

65 mums dislike their thighs

Sadly, 53 per cent of mums reveal they wear clothes to either cover up or flatter the lower half of their body if they can, and 47 per cent of mums surveyed say this is because they have cellulite over their butts and thighs.

When asked if they squat to help tone these areas of their body, 20 per cent said never, 22 per cent said once a week, 20 per cent said twice a week and only nine per cent said everyday.

When it comes to their preferred celebrity’s booty and thighs, 36 per cent of mums said they admire Jessica Alba’s body, 18 per cent like Beyonce’s lower half, 14 per cent look to Miranda Kerr, 11 per cent Kylie Minogue and only three per cent like Kim Kardashian’s.

However, 57 per cent of mums believe celebrities set an unrealistic expectation for women and their bodies, with 23 per cent saying they’re not sure whether these stars have real bodies or have had work done.

Here are our other findings from the survey:

Are mums are a fan of their booty?

45 not a fan of their booty

No – 45%

Yes – 13%

Sometimes, depending on what they wear – 30%

Indifferent – 10%

Do mums buy clothes to flatter the lower half of their body?

I try to cover it up – 53%

Occasionally – 30%

Yes, all the time – 15%

Do you do exercises specifically to target your booty and thighs?

All the time – 15%

Sometimes – 49%

Rarely – 19%

Don’t know what exercises I need to do to target these areas – 16%

How much would you spend on classes and supplements to help improve the shape of your booty and thighs?

None – 20%

Less than $25 – 36%

$50-$70 – 30%

$80-$100 – 6%

More than $100 – 5%

Are you a fan of your thighs?

No – 65%

They have cellulite – 18%

I don’t mind mine – 9%

Yes – 6%

How often do you squat?

Never – 20%

Once a week – 22%

Twice a week – 20%

Three times a week – 24%

4-5 times a week – 13%

6-7 times a week – 3%

Everyday – 9%

Do you suffer from cellulite on your butts and thighs?

47 cellulite on butts and thighs

Yes, it’s all over – 47%

I’d like to get rid of it – 34%

Not really – 15%

I’d try to exercise to combat this – 3%

How many hours a day do you sit down?

Most of the day – 22%

I try to move around a lot – 47%

Just when I’m at work – 19%

I never have time to sit down – 10%

When you put on weight, where are the first places you tend to see it?

Tummy – 49%

Thighs – 20%

Bottom – 13%

Chin – 6%

Chest – 3%

Would it be easier if you recruited you friend / partner into doing exercise with you?

Yes, definitely – 62%

No, I’d rather do it on my own – 16%

No, I’d rather do it on my own – 16%

Maybe, I don’t know anyone who wants to lose weight – 20%

Of these celebrities, whose booty and thighs do you prefer?

36 fan jessica alba's booty

Jessica Alba – 36%

Lara Bingle – 7%

Beyonce – 18%

Kylie Jenner – 6%

Miranda Kerr – 14%

Kylie Minogue – 11%

Kim Kardashian – 3%

Do you think celebrities set an unrealistic expectation for women and their bodies?

57 celebrities unrealistic expectation

Yes, it’s unrealistic – 57%

Can’t work out their bodies are real – 23%

It inspires me – 15%

Tried to achieve a celebrity body but it didn’t work for me – 3%

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