7 Comforting Budget Meals to try this Winter!

Along with grabbing our favourite comfy jumper and ugg boots, Winter is also the time when most of us start to crave comfort food like big bowls of warming stews, comforting curries and hot desserts.

Unfortunately, this sort of comfort food often gets a bad rap for being unhealthy and calorie-dense which can  lead to weight gain in Wintertime.

Thankfully, the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has HEAPS of amazing comfort food for winter, which will give you all those comforting feelings you crave, but without all the calories. And what’s more, the July Budget Winter Challenge, is full of recipes that are kind to your waistline AND your wallet.

Try these 7 COMFORTING BUDGET Recipes this Winter!

Spinach Sweet Potato Lasagne – $2.41 per serve

sweet potato lasagne

What’s more comforting than lasagne? This clever recipe is packed with flavour but doesn’t even contain pasta. The sweet potato is layered through the spinach and tomato mixture and is a filling and satisfying family-friendly dinner. Just 411 cals too!

Get the Spinach and Sweet Potato Lasagne Recipe Here

Homemade Butter Chicken – $2.81 per serve

Butter Chicken

Using warming spices in curries are great to give your immunity a boost in winter. Plus this yummy homemade curry is super quick to make, and a really good recipe to cook in bulk. Stock your freezer with this and you won’t be tempted to get takeaway!

Get the Recipe for Homemade Butter Chicken Here

Mexican Chicken Pie – $1.98 per serve

Yum!!! This is a healthy alternative to the classic chicken pie but with a Mexican twist. It’s just 342 cals per serve and is sure to be a hit with the whole family!

Get the Recipe from the Challenge Recipe Hub

Pesto Spinach and Ricotta Rolls – $0.46 per serve

Pesto, Spinach and Ricotta Rolls

This is one of our most popular recipes. Spinach and Ricotta are a flavour match made in heaven! Coupled with tasty pesto these are seriously good. A great afternoon snack for the kids or a healthy light lunch for you!

Get the Recipe for Pesto Spinach & Ricotta Rolls Here

Budget Beef Stew – $3.95 per serveBudget-Beef-Stew

This is a favourite recipe in the Healthy Mummy Community as it’s seriously comforting and easy to make. A great budget family meal at only 3.95 per serve.

Get the Budget Beef Stew Recipe here

Sticky Chicken & Fried Rice Tray Bake – $1.80 per serve

You will not regret trying this recipe! It’s super simple to make, all in one tray bake, full of delicious Asian flavours. An absolute winner at only 392 calories.

Get the recipe for Sticky Chicken & Fried Rice Tray Bake Here

Apple Pie Mug Cake – $0.94 per serve

A delicious apple pie inspired mug cake that takes only a few minutes to cook in the microwave! Not only that – it’s only 180 calories.

Get the recipe for Healthy Apple Pie Mug Cake here 

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written by:

Rhian Petch

Rhian is a busy mum of three from Sydney's northern beaches. With a strong background in editorial and research, she has a passion for writing. When she's not managing content for The Healthy Mummy, she can be found either kid wrangling or cooking, usually both at the same time.