Look at the AMAZING results of these mums who have made “Healthy’ suit their lifestyle!

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We love celebrating the successes of all our Healthy Mummy Mums in the community who are smashing their weight loss goals! 

By following The Healthy Mummy, these mums have all shown amazing persistence and determination on their journey’s to a healthier lifestyle.

Their results haven’t happened overnight. These three mums have put the work in. They’ve overcome life’s hurdles, had good weeks and bad weeks. But they’ve kept going because deep down, they have recognised that they are worth that effort. And their Before and After pictures speak for themselves!

See how these three mums have made ‘Healthy’ suit their lifestyle!

Manuela Bu

Manuela says “The raw facts! Before & After. Jan – Aug 2020.

The difference is from eating healthy and moving my body.

The Healthy Mummy has shown me the way and given me the tools to work the magic that I so desperately wanted. I made the plan to suit my lifestyle and that’s what’s good about the Healthy Mummy……. they give you the tools so you can form out your plan that suits you. You take what you need from all that’s on offer on the Healthy Mummy app and blend it into your life.

There’s No quick fix though, it all comes down to YOU and the work you put in.

One step at a time! Make good choices and see the results.

We have just under  100 days till Summer to get in shape for fun in the sun. Let’s do this!”

Shelley Hedley

Shelley says, “Where do I even start? So my starting weight was 91kg and I’m now 76.3kg. I’ve lost over 100cm off my body (could be way more but I haven’t done them in a while)

I’m 34 yrs old and a mother of four kids, three teenage boys and an 8 year old girl.  I lost my first 7kg with another company and the help of my dietician but to be honest it wasn’t sustainable. I was already a member of the Healthy Mummy so I started using the Healthy Mummy app and drinking the Smoothies again and with the support of the Healthy Mummy groups I have lost a further 7.7kg & I’m still not finished. I still have 10kg to lose to reach my goal.

I’ve been on this journey now for 14 months and it’s been really tough I won’t lie. I’ve most certainly had a lot of ups and downs, but each day I push through because I’m worth it.  My goals have changed, the past three weeks I’ve been adding weights into my workouts, I would like to tone as well as lose weight.

Most of all my biggest hurdle has been my mental health. The Healthy Mummy community group has been amazing, thank you so much to the consultants who spend so much dedicated time to us and all the beautiful Healthy Mummy’s!”

Jade Shaw

Jade says, “7 weeks and 6 kilos down!!

I started “take two” of my Healthy Mummy journey after having my 3rd Bub 10 months ago. I knew it was finally time to put my needs first. I want my three girls to grow up having a healthy relationship with food and exercise and not have to battle weight issues like I have most of my life. I want them to feel comfortable in their own skin.

I knew this came down to ME and what I was role modelling to them. They too are enjoying the Healthy Mummy lifestyle. I have even got my partner on board who has changed quite a few habits so that’s a win.

Most of all I just want to be fit and healthy and live a long life watching my girls grow up. It’s no longer about SKINNY for me it’s about HEALTHY and I’m well and truly on my way to kicking all those goals.


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