Wow these amazing women have lost 145kgs* combined and are loving their new bodies!

We love celebrating the successes of the incredible women in the Healthy Mummy Community. These five mums have changed their lives by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. They are healthier, happier and stronger than ever before.

Wow, these amazing women have lost 145kgs* combined and are loving their new bodies!

Sophie Roberts

Sophie says, “Almost nine months between photos. 18kgs down all thanks to the Healthy MummyIt has changed my life! This is my lowest weight as an adult. Being able to walk into any clothing store and know that I’ll fit size 10-12 just blows my mind! Each 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge reignites my motivation to keep going. And I’m so proud to be a lifetime member!! Because for me, this is for life! I will never go back to my old eating habits. I want to be the best example for my kids, husband, family and friends.

And yes, I need a new bra… or new boobs!”

Bianca Sibbald

Bianca says, “I’ve been following the Healthy Mummy for eight months and have lost just over 20kgs. I’m not quite at my goal weight but I will get there. I started off at 85.6kgs and I’m down to 64.9kgs. My aim is to get to 60kgs in the next few months.

Healthy Mummy Smoothies for breakfast and sticking to my meal plan has been key. I always have a freezer full of snacks and meals ready to go so I have no excuses.”

Tarryn Fay Eames

Tarryn says, “The picture on the left was my wake up call. I was unhappy with how I looked and how I felt. When I saw these pictures I was absolutely devastated. I made myself a promise right then that I wouldn’t look like that in a years time for my next Matron of Honour duties. While I’m not quite at my goal yet, I sure am proud of how far I have come! I can’t wait to see where I am in another years time.

The picture on the left is  April 2018 – Right: April 2019.
Left: 97kgs – Right: 79kgs.
Left: 9 weeks postpartum – Right: 14 months postpartum
Left: Lethargic and lazy – Right: Love getting out and active with my family
Left: Hated going out in public – Right: Enjoy socialising and going out
Left: Avoiding pictures with my kids – Right: Asking people to take pictures of me with my kids, this one I am most proud of.”

Beth Azzopardi

Beth says, “I have been following the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges for just over two years and love them. In that time I have lost 24kg, gone from a size 16/18 to a 10/12. I’ve become fit and healthy. I have gone from being completely inactive to running my 5th 1/2 Marathon this weekend!

My top 3 tips for staying on track/motivated are:
– Set yourself mini goals as well as an overall goal.
– Plan out your week. Including your food and exercise.
– Don’t let one bad meal/day get you off track. Have a bad meal or a treat then just refocus with your next next meal or the next day!”

Julie Banham

Julie says, “120kg to 75kg. 45kg gone forever! The Healthy Mummy has completely changed my life. I have gone from a terrible yo-yo dieter to a happy healthy person in control of my eating.

The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge keeps me on track. It has helped me lose the weight, helped me maintain my weight loss and it will help me lose my final kgs and maintain my weight loss for life. It helps me be organised and provides me with healthy and delicious meals and snacks for my family. At 46 I’m finally in control of my eating and my body.”

Awesome job ladies! We are so proud of all you have accomplished.

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