What is the best dark chocolate on our supermarket shelves?

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Dark chocolate has been proven to be good for your health, as Choice states, studies researching the benefits of both cocoa and high-cocoa chocolate have shown that it can improve blood vessel health, reduce blood pressure and improves your cholesterol amongst other benefits.

Chocolate lovers alas, we have scoured the supermarkets and found the best dark chocolate out there! We put the best to the test according to cocoa, sugar and cost to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Knowing the best dark chocolate is especially beneficial if you are following a healthy eating plan like the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge which calls for the rich sweet in many recipes.

dark chocolate best

Dark chocolate de-bunked

The Healthy Mummy has decided to take the guess work out for you. We have researched which dark chocolate is the best.

Presented to you from 5th choice to 1st, here are the was the best according to cocoa percentage, sugar content and cost:


Choceur dark chocolate

Cocoa: 45%

Sugar: 2.8g

Cost: $2.50

4.Greens & Black Organic

Greens & black dark chocolate

Cocoa: 85%

Sugar: 3.4g

Cost: $4.00


Cadbury dark chocolate

Cocoa: 86%

Sugar: 3.3g

Cost: $4.40


Coles dark chocolate

Cocoa: 85%

Sugar: 2.8g

Cost: $2.50

1.Lindt Excellence

Lindt dark chocolate

Cocoa: 90%

Sugar: 1.3g

Cost: $4.25

The results are in…

When it comes to cost, cocoa percentage and sugar content – these brands certainly are some of the best on our supermarket shelves. However Lindt Excellence is our pick for the best dark chocolate.

With a 90% value of cocoa, this dark chocolate has the highest form of the natural bean and the lowest grade of sugar out of all 5 of the chocolates we tested (it was a tough job).

Though a little more expensive than other brands, coming in at $4.25, you only need a little piece (or two) to enjoy the richness and flavour this chocolate has to offer.

How Choice ranked different dark chocolate brands here.

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