This mum used to break a sweat carrying the groceries, now she’s a gym junkie!

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It’s amazing how much your fitness can improve! Hailz McComb confesses she used to break a sweat carrying her groceries inside, but she’s a totally different woman now!

Check out how much she’s changed!

Hailz McComb 3-11

A new woman!

For Hailz, there was that moment when it clicked for her that she needed to change.

She was a self conscious mum who loathed any kind of phycial activity and would break out in a sweat just carrying the groceries inside!

But things have certainly changed for Hailz!

“Fast forward to now and I feel like a completely different woman, not even recognising that mumma on the left!”

Though she’s lost a lot of weight and now loves working out at the gym, she’s gained a lot!

Hailz says, “With learning the tools to nurture your body with good nutrious food, hardwork and dedication, amazing things can happen!!”

Well done Hailz, your transformation is INCREDIBLE!

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