How much exercise is needed to burn off a Golden Gaytime

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Thanks to product labelling and packaging, we can now find out how many calories are in the food we are buying and eating from supermarkets a lot easier. But what is less clear is how much energy it takes to burn the calories we are consuming.

While The Healthy Mummy does not advocate or encourage mums to monitor every calorie they eat and or cut out food groups (instead we promote consuming nutrient-rich from all food groups), it may be of interest to some mums to understand the facts that help determine how we burn calories. This may be particularly useful for mums who are just starting out on their weight loss journey and or new healthy eating plan.

We are going to use the Aussie summer fave – a Golden Gaytime – as our case study and have enlisted the help from our of Healthy Mummy fitness trainer Wendy Smith to understand how we burn calories.


How much exercise is needed to burn off a Golden Gaytime

It takes 3 minutes to eat a Golden Gaytime. It’s about 240 cals per serve. So, in theory, how much exercise is required to help burn off this icy-treat?

We can work out how long it takes the average woman to burn calories, aged between 20 to 40 year, by the amount she weighs.

The average Australian woman weighs around 71.1kg and is around 161.8cm tall, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

By using these stats and looking at the Harvard Medical School data about the amount of calories burned by exercise we have a rough idea about the type of exercise and for how long it would take the average woman to burn off 240 calories.

But there are other facts that determine how we burn calories:

  1. Age (older burns less calories and slower). 
  2. Weight (heavier people have a slower metabolic rate and will not be able to work hard) .
  3. Health conditions (slow thyroid or heat disease or hormones or stress levels and mental illness/depression etc).
  4. Intensity (if you try harder and increase the intensity, then obviously you will torch more calories quicker).

golden gay time ice cream

“Various sources of research confirm that 30mins of interval high intensity circuit training burns approximately 283 calories,” says Healthy Mummy Trainer Wendy Smith.

“To work off a Golden Gaytime, by taking all of the above into account, the average Australian woman who works out three to four times a week would need to walk for around 50 minutes, with 45 minutes of small bursts of high intensity walking.

“However, circuit or interval training burns calories faster due to the high burst of intensity. Depending on the exercise, interval training can burn 283 calories in 30 minutes or 700 calories in 60 minutes.”

Exercises needed to burn a Golden Gaytime

You can burn approximately 200-250 calories doing these high intensity exercises:

30mins circuit cardio training OR H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training).

30mins cycling (indoor cycle burns 350-400 calories in 45min class – fact).

20mins skipping rope.

40mins pilates.

30mins rowing.

18mins running.

40mins swimming.

35mins walking stairs.

45mins dancing.

35mins soccer.

“It may seem like a good idea at the time but eating a Golden Gaytime takes takes 30 minutes to burn off exercising,” says Wendy. 

“This means that you will have to train twice as hard to get the fitness goals you deserve in The Healthy Mummy Journey. That’s a lot of time for one snack!

“Many women think ‘It’s only one cheat treat’ but it all adds up. Instead of burning off that Gaytime you could be toning or shedding weight from other parts of your body. You can still enjoy treats, but I say everything in moderation.

“The Healthy Mummy is all about HEALTHIER choices, you can still eat ice creams, but why not make our Healthy Gaytime bliss balls or check out the heaps of healthy ice cream options on the 28 Day Weight Loss recipe hub? They are absolutely delicious and the BEST substitute ever!”


So next time you go to reach for a naughty treat, think about the amount of time and effort it will take you to burn off. This might help deter you from making unhealthy choices.

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