Chelsea has lost 60 kilos and shares her TOP TEN TIPS to help you SMASH your weight loss goals

Chelsea Dixon's transformation is nothing short of incredible! She has lost a staggering 60 kilo's in just 17 months and maintained for 3 years by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and using The Healthy Mummy Smoothies.
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Chelsea Dixon’s transformation is nothing short of incredible! She has lost a staggering 60 kilo’s in just 17 months by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and using The Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

Her life has literally transformed too. From spending hours on the couch, unable to play with her kids, eating unhealthy food and avoiding the scales at all costs, to running a half marathon, being super active with her kids, enjoying new foods and absolutely LOVING her new lifestyle. She has achieved all this in just 17 months!

“I live and breathe the Healthy Mummy lifestyle, for a woman who never believed in herself and didn’t even think she would lose 5kgs and now living her best life I’m truly thankful.”


Having had such an amazing weight loss result with The Healthy Mummy, mum of four Chelsea is keen to inspire other mums, who may have a lot of weight to lose, by sharing her story and what she’s learned along the way, as well as her top tips to help other mums smash their goals!

Chelsea’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey

In 17 months I’ve lost over 60kgs and wow what a roller coaster it has been!

Starting for me was very overwhelming. I didn’t want to be healthy, I didn’t know how to be healthy. I just knew I had to be healthy or it would spiral out of control.

I never weighed myself ever, but when I did it changed my life as I knew if I just kept getting bigger the more I wouldn’t be able to do, I knew I wasn’t playing with my kids because I hated being outside, I couldn’t move as I was always puffed.

From losing that first 5kgs feeling like I had more energy already I started walking.

30 Kilos in the first 6 months

Six months in I had hit my 30kg loss, I could now shop in the normal section in shops! My excitement to just shop at Jay Jays was the best feeling as I’ve always loved the clothes but being a size 22-24 they didn’t fit.

I started to then step out of my comfort zone and realised that life was for living! We started to go to the beach as a family I even owned a pair of swimmers for the first time in my life, I could chase my kids without feeling so lethargic, I then started to run 5 seconds and it killed me but with love and support and losing 60kgs I have now run a 1/2 marathon.

Can you believe that a woman who spent most of her life on the couch is now the healthiest fittest and can run climb mountains and is loving her life with her family.

It has given me a new lease on life. My kids love that now I want to interact with them and play with them more, they love that we now go on adventures and do stuff outside of the house.”

My partner is my rock he supports me 100% and loves that The Healthy Mummy changed my life and opened me up to new foods as he is a chef but I would never try anything new.”

Chelsea’s New Goal

“My new goal is to compete in a 50km event. It’s probably more than I can handle but I’m going to give it my all. A goal in my eyes is supposed to scare you and excite you at the same time. Having this goal in place keeps me on track reminds me to fuel my body and keep training.

Maintaining Weight Loss

“Maintaining your weight is a whole new level you need to be prepared for the scales to go up down depending on how long it takes to balance. I’ve been maintaining now for about 8 weeks or more fluctuating between 67-68kgs and I’m ok with that.

I use The Healthy Mummy app to calculate my meals and water I make sure I have a minimum of 2 litres of water a day.

“I live and breathe the Healthy Mummy lifestyle, for a woman who never believed in herself and didn’t even think she would lose 5kgs and now living her best life I’m truly thankful.”

Chelsea Shares her TOP TEN TIPS for losing weight

1. It’s a Lifestyle

This is a lifestyle, not a diet so remember you need to make it work for you. It is forever – it’s not a quick fix it takes time.

2. Small Changes

Every small change adds up to big results. eg: smaller portions sizes, get rid of fizzy and replace it with water, search the Healthy Mummy App make meals you love within your calories, and make better choices while out.

3. Set your Goals

Goals can be big or small, mine was clothing. A  huge part of goals for me was to shift my mindset away from scales and use the clothes as a guide. I have a pair of clothes in every size from 24 down to an 8.  I’d grab a pair in the next size down and hope that one day I would fit into them, the excitement of knowing how hard you have worked to fit into these pants is so much more rewarding than the scales will ever be.


4. Break it down into achievable goals

If you have a big amount of weight to lose, don’t ever look at the big number. Break it down into achievable goals like 5 kilos at a time. That way it’s not too overwhelming, and you will feel that you are having small wins.

5. Use the Healthy Mummy Smoothies

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and lucky for me I have the Healthy Mummy Smoothies or I generally have the iced mocha from the App daily changing my milk to keep it different.

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6. Build up your Fitness

When I started to exercise it wasn’t easy. I walked 800m and it took me 30 minutes and I could have cried.  So I did it every second or third day and worked my way up, I don’t believe in going straight in because I find when things are hard we tend to give up. Work to your fitness levels try your best and enjoy it.

When I decided I wanted to run it was hard and running for just 5 seconds killed me I looked like a beetroot! Now I can run over 21km and look like I’ve done nothing. I have created a routine for 6 days of the week but if I miss a day that’s ok. Remember it’s about the effort you put in when you exercise and it’s ok to have days off.

7.Binges happen

Some days I have a little binge and go on a bender and that’s normal because it is life. It’s about remembering why you want to live a healthier lifestyle and how it makes you feel when you don’t.  If I eat junk I feel I have no energy but when I choose healthier options I can bounce off the walls with energy!

8.Meal Prep

Meal prep for me is making extra serves or choosing meals with all similar ingredients which makes it easier to prep. I like to keep it simple eg: chicken and rice dishes, it’s simple to cook up rice and make a variety of chicken to go with it keeping costs down and budget-friendly.

9. Stay on track

Hurdles we all have them, it may be emotional eating, children sick, excuses creeping back in what you need to do is strip it back go back to basics keep it simple and remember why you want a healthier lifestyle, think about what’s making you feel this way and reassess. You never fail unless you completely give up remember it’s never about how fast or slow it’s just about getting it done

10. Be Organised

Make sure you’re organised, if you are prepared for the day it’s much easier than grabbing what’s easily available or having takeout for dinner. Remember to not be so hard on yourself because we are only human and always loving a healthy lifestyle can be hard at times.

But never give up, just keep trying wake up believing in yourself and anything is possible…
Start your day with I CAN & I WILL!

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