Cicily lost 53kg and reveals how she kept going when she lost motivation

Cicily Goodwin has lost an IMPRESSIVE 53kg in 18 months after signing up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

But it’s not all been smooth sailing for this gorgeous mum, who admits she had time when she lost motivation. But she was able to push herself through it and she’s glad she did.

Here are Cicily’s top tips to help you stay motivated while trying to lose weight…

Cicily has lost 56kg and shares her TOP tips for losing big numbers!

Cicily’s tips on how to keep going when you feel like you’ve lost motivation

Losing weight isn’t always a straightforward thing to do. We all know what we need to do, but doing it can sometimes be tricky as there are so many temptations around us.
Cicily shares her tips on how to keep going on when you lose motivation

If anyone knows this, it’s Cicily. The Nambucca Heads-based mum was able to work through it and reach her weight loss goals.

The Healthy Mummy is an amazing program, but when you’re focused on weight loss it’s still easy to lose motivation at points throughout your journey,” she says.

“There were so many things you can do to keep pushing yourself towards your weight loss goals, and make achieving them possible!”

1. Firstly, you need to accept that not every day is going to be perfect

There will come a time when you’re sick, or just really craving something and you cave and have an ‘off day’.

“In these moments, you need to give yourself permission to enjoy that day and understand that it will set you a day behind towards your goals. But that’s all it is, one day behind,” says Cicily.

“I did not lose 53kgs in 18 months without having ‘off days’ or as I like to call it LIFE. You will see the scales plateau, you will probably see them go back up some weeks too, but understanding that that is perfectly okay, and that if you just get back up the next day, YOU WILL GET THERE! So don’t beat yourself up over a bad day or week, just get back up when you can and smash it.”

2. Pull yourself back up

How do you get back up when you’ve really lost all motivation? YOU MAKE YOURSELF!

“For me, this involved doing things like setting myself mini challenges like 4kgs in 4 weeks with a reward of getting my hair done at the end,” admits Cicily.

“In that 4 weeks, keep yourself accountable by having a daily food diary, taking photos of all your meals and post them in the support group in a collage at the end of the day.

“Or you could try a different app workout or walk every day! Post your sweaty selfies or take a video of you doing the exercises and post it in the he group.”

3. Reward yourself

Cicily shares her tips on how to keep going on when you lose motivation

“I loved to use rewards throughout my journey, I would give myself a goal and if I reached it reward myself with something I really wanted,” says Cicily.

“This helped me to keep pushing when I really didn’t want to. And eventually, the results were enough and I didn’t even need the rewards!”

4. Make checklists

Cicily shares her tips on how to keep going on when you lose motivation

Use your diary each day to create a checklist of everything you need to do to stay on track, and tick it off as you go.

“For example, you may want to make sure you have two smoothies per day, have Super Greens instead of coffee or a Challenge meal for dinner, do an app exercise before lunch or walk to the shops instead of drive,” says Cicily.

“Anything you can think of to start filling your day with good habits.”

5. Make a motivation board

Cicily shares her tips on how to keep going on when you lose motivation

Stick it somewhere you will see it every day. I like to stick them on my fridge or kitchen cupboards.

“These can be filled with goal outfits, motivational quotes, positive words, your goals,” says Cicily. “Having a visual or how many kgs you want to lose and then ticking them off as you go is a great way to see your results too.”

6. Believe in yourself

Cicily shares her tips on how to keep going on when you lose motivation

In the end it all comes down to you, there is no magic answer that will snap you into motivation, you need to do it yourself! YOU have to get up and make it happen. YOU have to make the choices and remain accountable for them. YOU have to do it for yourself, because no-one else can.

“Take the time, invest in yourself mentally throughout this journey because it’s your mind and all of those unhealthy habits we’ve accidentally put there that can hold us back,” adds Cicily.

“So really put your energy into it, not only physically, but in every way you possibly can, MAKE it happen, because you can! Believe in yourself and you will get there.”


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