DEBUNKED: Eating breakfast ‘like a king’ doesn’t actually help you lose weight

Research has found that eating the majority of your calories in the morning won’t actually help you get in shape, so you no longer need to be eating breakfast like a king.
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You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’ when it comes to losing weight.

The theory is that by eating more in the morning, you are giving your body time to burn off calories throughout the day.

However, new research has found that eating the majority of your calories in the morning WON’T actually help you get in shape.

DEBUNKED: Eating breakfast ‘like a king’ doesn’t actually help you lose weight

Why eating ‘breakfast like a king’ doesn’t help you lose weight

Researchers at Aberdeen University studied 30 overweight men and women on two separate diets, which eat lasted a month.

For one diet plan, participants were asked to eat the bulk of calories first thing, and in the second diet plan, they had the biggest meal in the evening.

Experts found that overweight people burned off the same amount of calories regardless of when they ate them.

With both meal plans, volunteers lost around 3kg on average.

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“The advice to breakfast like a king is one of many myths on how to lose weight through burning calories,” says lead author Professor Alexandra Johnstone.

“It now appears a calorie is burned the same way regardless of the time of day. However, having a bigger breakfast does make people less hungry so that they could lose weight that way.”

“There is no optimal time to eat when it comes to calories, but a big breakfast may help to control your appetite and stick to your diet when trying to lose weight.”

8 dieting myths DEBUNKED

Since we’re debunking dieting myths, we thought we’d share eight of the most common diet myths that have been debunked. Which dieting myth have you fallen victim to?

1. Don’t eat after 9 o’clock at night

tips for healthy eating in restaurant

Often people say that it’s best to avoid a big dinner or eating late at night as you will put on weight as you go to bed or rest on the couch.

The funny thing is, calories don’t know the time. The idea of eating late at night is more to do with the fact that you might feel uncomfortable after a heavy meal.

So how come people lose weight if they eat less at night time? Well, they are eating less, simple. You could eat that same meal at lunch and whatever meal you ate at dinner, and you would probably still lose weight.

2. Carbs make you fat

The anti-carbohydrate police are always lurking, but there is no substantial research to support that carbohydrates make you fat.

Carbohydrates or sugar do not turn into fat. Although if you eat them or anything in that matter in excess, of course, your energy balance will become out of balance, and you could put on weight.

Choosing wholegrain carbohydrates over refined carbohydrates is your best bet to get the added benefit of dietary fibre. See the best bread to consume for weight loss here.

3. Don’t eat carbs at night time

Carbohydrates also do not know the time. Carbohydrates are an essential element of a healthy, balanced diet.

Cutting out whole food groups without a health/allergy/intolerance reason is not a balanced healthy eating approach.

The Healthy Mummy and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge promotes a full diet with a variety of foods, therefore, we believe that banning foods is not great for your overall wellbeing.

Read up on how carbs can actually help you lose weight here.

4. Eating fat makes you fat

There is no particular food or food group or macronutrient that makes you fat in itself. What can attribute to weight gain is the eating habit around it.

In fact, 20-30% of our daily intake of energy should come from fat (good unsaturated fats). On a standard adult’s diet of 8700kJ, this is around 1740kJ to 2610kJ per day.

These good fats are responsible for producing good cholesterol and transporting it around the body, which can help to prevent heart disease.

Including foods like walnuts, avocados, oily fish and legumes in your diet rather than unsaturated, trans fatty foods like fatty meat, processed foods, and takeaway is a great way to incorporate fat into your diet.

See the best oils to cook with for weight loss here.

5. You can lose weight in 3 days

Even though you’d be likely to lose weight on traditional detox programs, much of the weight loss would be water – and this will all come back once you start eating normally again.

If you are contemplating a health cleanse, our 3 Day Cleanse is centred around removing the unwanted toxins from your body, improving your metabolism and kickstarting your energy levels.

Because this cleanse is sustainable, some of the health benefits you can expect include reduced stomach bloat, improved energy levels, a clearer mind, and a glowing complexion.

6. Diet soft drink is healthy

Choc Mint Spice Smoothie

Just because a label says that the product doesn’t have calories does not make it healthy.

How many ingredients are on the back? Do they sound like something from a chemistry class or a cooking class? New research has revealed that the sugar substitutes in diet soft drinks may not only prevent weight loss but may actually make you put on the kg.

Substitute your diet soft drink for water! We have a huge bank of healthy smoothie recipes that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding to your waistline!

7. I overate, the diet is over

If you ‘fall off the wagon’ get back on. The Healthy Mummy is all about treating yourself and having rest days to ensure this ‘all or nothing’ mentality is avoided.

Having balance in your diet and making it work for you is the best way your healthy eating plan will make you reach your weight loss goals.

8Eating less is best

This is probably one of the biggest myths about dieting and weight loss.

Yes, you could eat fewer calories, but that does not mean you have to eat less. The idea is to eat the right foods and more of them.

Eating foods that are high in nutritional value and tick all of the food groups will make your lifestyle a healthy one.

If you’re ready to hit your weight loss goals, the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge offers healthy and safe meal plans and exercises for you and your lifestyle.

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