Woohoo! The Healthy Mummy’s ENERGY BOOSTING WORKOUT has arrived!

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Get excited ladies, there’s a new extension to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – with the arrival of The Healthy Mummy’s ENERGY BOOSTING workout!

The Healthy Mummy Energy Boosting workouts are the ultimate compilation of the key cardio workouts from the exercise hub, created to help you burn those calories and get your heart pumping.

They are a blend of our 4 – 10 minute workout videos, compiled to scale your exercise intensity and showcasing how all Healthy Mummy video exercises, can provide fun variety to your workout regime.



How do they work?

Cardio is aerobic exercise, that pumps oxygenated blood by the heart to working muscles, organs and other tissues in the body. It is exercise that both stimulates your heart rate to beat at a higher rate than normal and increases your breathing rate to a sustainable level for the duration of your exercise period.


Aerobic means needing or using oxygen. Performing The Healthy Mummy Energy Boosting cardio workouts regularly, will help improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs, as well as your overall fitness.

This workout is designed to be scaled, starting from a beginner level, which is challenging but achievable for all fitness levels. It is your introduction to make the most of your cardio workouts to enable progression. The intermediate workouts will help you blast your fitness and take you to the next level. The advanced workouts will challenge you and support burning calories! 

Combined, the Energy Boosting Cardio workouts will not only burn calories, but are perfect for toning muscles and improving posture. As you progress, you will find greater energy and stamina.


How often to you need to do the Energy Boosting Cardio workout?

Begin by performing the beginner workouts to ensure your body and fitness level adjusts.

You should start with a warm up to get the body ready for exercises that you may not be use to. Refer to Warm Up and Cool Down exercises in the Exercise Hub of the Challenge App, for ideas on warm up activities.

You can start by performing the Energy Boosting workouts 1 – 3 times per week. They have been blended to add variety to your fitness regime.


What are the benefits of this workout?

The Healthy Mummy Energy Boosting workouts are designed to get the heart pumping. It is exercise that will make your lungs takes in more oxygen to get you moving.

The benefits of regularly doing these blended workouts include:

  1. Great for brain health and helps improves memory.
  2. Improves your heart health by getting your heart pumping at a faster rate.
  3. Supports improved metabolism – the greater the intensity of your cardio session, the more you will notice an increase in your metabolic rate.
  4. Calms depression and fatigue.
  5. Burns calories through moving your body – an important part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
  6. Improves oxygen supply and efficiency through increased heart rate.

How it targets your heart rate zone

Heart Rate Zones

Your target heart rate zone is a way to monitor your exercise effort to ensure that you are effectively exercising at the right pace or intensity and prevent you from over or under exercise.

The target ‘heart rate zone’ is between 50-85 per cent of your maximum predicted heart rate.

Before you can calculate your target heart rate zone, you first need to calculate your Maximum Heart Rate.This is determined by age.

Refer to The Healthy Mummy Heart Rate Zones for cardio or use the maximum heat rate equation: 220 – Age = Maximum Heart Rate.

For example, a 25-year-old person would have the following calculation for Max Heart Rate:

220 – 25 years = 195 beats per minute or bpm.

To calculate their target heart rate zone (65-85%):

Max heart rate  x  target % = Target Heart Rate

  • 195  x  50% (or .70) = 136 bpm

This person’s average target heart rate zone is 136bpm.


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