EXACTLY how many CALORIES are in your favourite types of wine

Wine contains calories but they don't all contain the same amount of calories in each type of wine.You don’t have to forego your fave rosé.
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We all know wine contains calories, but they don’t all contain the same amount of calories in each type of wine.

You don’t have to forego your fave rosé or sparking brut though.

At The Healthy Mummy we’re all about enjoying the good things in life (in moderation of course) but our graph may help you make some more informed decisions about what you choose to drink.

By making some smart choices, you can still enjoy a few glasses on special occasions without ruining your health and weight loss goals.

EXACTLY how many CALORIES are in your favourite types of wine

Find out exactly how many calories are in wine: from high to low

Dry dessert: 228 calories 16%

Rosé: 119 calories 13%

Carbernet Sauv: 115 calories 14%

Pinot Noir: 115 calories 14%

Merlot: 115 calories 14%

Pinot Grigio: 106 calories 13%

Chardonnay: 106 calories 13%

Sauvignon Blanc: 106 calories 13%

Riesling: 111 calories 11.5%

Champagne: 105 calories 12.5%

EXACTLY how many CALORIES are in your favourite types of wine

Red wines and dessert wines mostly have more alcohol in them and this means more calories, whereas white wines and sparkling wines tend to have less calories in them.

If you’re serious about getting into shape then you should be aware that alcohol consumption can seriously hinder your weight loss.

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Seeking help

If you’re concerned about the amount of alcohol you are drinking it may be because of a bigger problem. Alcohol is a quick-fix solution to help you feel better, but it doesn’t in the long run.

If you’re mental health is suffering we advise you speak with a counsellor or Lifeline on 13 11 14, Alcohol Anonymous on 1300 222 222  Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 for out of hours support.

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