See how Healthy Mummy Andrea has smashed her goals and is living her best life

Healthy Mummy Andrea keeps smashing goals one by one and she isn't done yet. Well done Andrea we love seeing you doing your thing.
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We love watching the transformations of our Healthy Mummy Community and especially when they are not only transforming their body but also their mind and gaining extra confidence in the process.

Read Healthy Mummy Andrea Hutton’s journey below and we hope you are as inspired as we are about just how amazing she is.

andrea hutton transformation

Andrea Hutton is living up to her hope of being a role model to her kids

“I started on The Healthy Mummy in February when my second baby was 2 weeks old. After having my daughter in 2015 I never really lost the baby weight and I decided enough was enough. I hated being in photos. Taking my daughter to the pools and beach was awkward because I’d be more worried about trying to cover myself up and most of all I wanted to be a good role model for my kids and I never want them to call me fat.”

Andrea Hutton guns
“My initial goal was to fit into my pre-baby clothes and no longer in my maternity clothes. I smashed that goal. My next goal was to look good in my dresses by springtime. I smashed that goal. Then my ultimate goal is to look amazing in a bikini which I’m still working towards.”

Andrea Hutton transfrom fam
“In the past 6.5 months, I have lost 22kgs. I have gone from a size 14/16 to a size 10. I am the fittest, healthiest, strongest and most confident I have been in many years.
The Healthy Mummy Smoothies were an absolute saviour especially when my baby was a newborn. They’re so convenient and healthy and it ensured that I was actually eating something nutritious. Being sleep deprived and breastfeeding I needed to fuel my body. I usually have one for breakfast and lunch and then Healthy Mummy snacks and dinners.”

Andrea Hutton transformation side
“The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is also great because there are so many recipes which can be easily found and I choose the ones my family would like. All the nutritional info is on there too which is really good.”

“My son was going through a stage where he hated the crèche so I was using the exercises on the app for a while too and doing them from home. I believe that The Healthy Mummy works for me because it doesn’t feel like I’m on a diet at all. I’m still eating treats daily. It is definitely something I can stick to for life.”

Andrea Hutton face transformation

Join Andrea on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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