How this mum lost over 11kg by following the 12 Week Challenge

Heather Prudence has lost 11.6kg by following the 12 Week Challenge!

The mum-of-two says at her heaviest she was exhausted, unable to tie her shoes without stopping to catch her breath.

“I was recovering from surgery post ankle fracture, something clicked and I decided I didn’t want this version of me anymore,” she admits.

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Amazingly, Heather decided to sign up to the 12 Week Challenge and pledged to put herself first and not give up on herself.

“It was hard in the beginning, changing my eating habits and my mindset. I would previously go all day without eating and then just binge,” she says.

“I found that I was prepping meals for the week, eating regular, eating foods I would have never tried before.

“I now drink The Healthy Mummy smoothies, which helped with working shifts. I love the taste of these. I have also used the Control X in my water for those afternoon cravings.”

How this mum lost over 11kg by following the 12 Week Challenge

Over the last 12 weeks, Heather has found her confidence is returning and her skin is glowing.

“I have more energy, and I look forward to meal prepping,” she says.

Heather’s advice for other mums

– Focus on small goals

– Meal plan and prep

– Slowly increase movement time

– Do fun exercise, that doesn’t feel like exercise (some of mine are cycling, roller-skating, bush walking, snorkelling)

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