How losing weight changes as you age – things to do and mistakes you might be making each decade

Losing weight changes as you age. Yes, things you were once doing in your 20s aren’t the same as the things you’ll be doing in your 50s to stay in shape.

One of the reasons for this is because your metabolism slows down as you age.

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How losing weight changes as you age - things to do and mistakes you might be making each decade

Losing weight 20s – things to not do!


  • Don’t eat and run, you may have more energy in your 20s but this isn’t good for your digestion.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol, again this can affect your metabolism and how well your digestion works.
  • Try not to skip meals, as busy as you are. Again, this can mess with your metabolism.

Losing weight in 20s – things to do

  • Boost your vitamins and minerals as your body is still growing
  • Your body is strong, so intense and vigorous workouts such as weight lifting, running and cardio should be done.
  • Make exercise part of your routine and it will lay a good foundation for the rest of your life.

Losing weight in 30s – things to not do

  • Live off no sleep. We are more tired, all nighters are a thing of the past. If you don’t get enough rest then you are more likely to put on weight.
  • Eat whatever you like. In your teens and 20s, you can drink alcohol and eat junk food without seeing the repercussions for it. In your 30s, you will.

Losing weight in 30s – things to do

  • Watch your diet in your 30s, as these are the years women tend to have children. Your metabolism will begin to slow down as you try to battle with baby weight.
  • Build muscle in this decade as your muscle mass decreases later on.
  • Eat food that are full of folate, such as healthy fats and protein, to help boost fertility.
  • Rest as much as you can, your body needs it more than it did in your 20s.

Losing weight in 40s – things to not do

  • Stop crash dieting, it’s less likely to work in your 40s.
  • Reduce stress, take up yoga. It’s important in your 40s that you take care of your body, mind, heart and health.
  • Avoid sweet treats to reduce your chances of developing diabetes type 2.

Losing weight in 40s – things to do

  • Eat protein with every meals and have occasional treats, as this is the age of menopause and hormone changes so food will store around your tummy.
  • Try resistance training but don’t put too much pressure on the body as it won’t bounce back as quickly as it did if you injure yourself.

Losing weight in 50s and 60s – things to not do

  • Keep your cholesterol levels at bay, so cut back on dairy if you can as well as saturated fats and oils
  • Reduce your sodium intake to lower your chances of heart disease and hypertension
  • Limit your alcohol and fizzy drink intake and increase your calcium intake instead, to help build bone density

Losing weight in 50s and 60s – things to do

  • Add more fibre to your diet, as this will help your digestive track which may begin to become sluggish.
  • Try low impact exercise, such as walking and swimming. This reduces the risk of injury and also helps build up muscle
  • Yoga and pilates also help build up strength.
  • Sports such as table tennis are social and also help stimulate your brain.
  • Boost your fish intake, this is great for your brain to ward off dementia.
  • Hearty grains, such as brown rice, quinoa and oats, are good for your heart and provide sustainable energy which is good for the body and brain.

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