How this fussy-eating mum lost 14kg and became so much happier

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If you’re a fussy eater, sometimes it can be tricky to eat good, healthy food.

But even Tabitha who says she’s the “fussiest person alive” has lost 14kgs and managed to find healthy, yummy food and recipes that suits her personal preferences (as well as her family’s).

Tabitha Julie 25:8

“How did I get here you ask? The Healthy Mummy is the answer to that question.”

The first photo of Tabitha was taken in 2014 after she had her second child.

Tabitha confesses, “I was so unhappy with myself, I was lethargic, I had no energy for life, I hated doing things in public as I felt horrible in all clothing.”

But one day, the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge popped up on her Facebook and she said why not. And since then she has never looked back.

Customisation is key

“The Challenge was just so versatile.

“For anyone that knows me knows I’m the fussiest person alive, but I was able to customise it so it suited myself and my family. Even down to when that sweet tooth kicked it.”

Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App enables you to switch up up your meals and customise your weekly meal plan to suit your budget, calorie intake, dietary requirements (vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free) and general preference helping you hit your weight loss goal with ease.

Changing perspective

Now that Tabitha is down 14kg, she admits to feeling so much happier and now feels as though she can ACCOMPLISH anything she puts her mind to.

“I love exercising, I have so much more energy and love being out and about. While some days I do struggle, there is always a way back with The Healthy Mummy Private Support Group.”

heathy mummy community

Our Private Facebook Support Groups are an awesome way for mums to connect with other mums who are on (or have been on) a similar journey to them.

It provides a safe space FREE OF JUDGMENT for women to connect, chat and share tips they have learnt while on their on own weight loss journey. You can lean more about our support groups (and the different groups we monitor) HERE.

The happiest I’ve been

“If it wasn’t for The Healthy Mummy, I’m sure I’d still be in the unhappy place I was and not in the position of the healthiest I have ever been right now. Thank you Healthy Mummy!”

You are more than welcome Tabitha, thank you for being such an inspiration!

Join Tabitha on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!


If you are inspired by Tabitha’s before and after pics and want to take charge of your own health and weight – then join our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge TODAY.

With more than 3,500 delicious (and healthy) recipes, 350 exercises & 24/7 support – the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge  is designed (and proven) to help busy mums like you lose weight!

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Our smoothie range offers an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients & important antioxidants. It does not contain any weight loss accelerants, caffeine, gluten and is dairy free. It is also a non Genetically Modified product!

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