How this Mum of 4 smashed her goals and lost over 12 kilos on the 12 week challenge!

Yes Naomi! This busy Mum with four kids pledged to lose a kilos a week on the 12 week Challenge and she has smashed it out of the park!

Not only has she lost 12.7 kilos and 28.5cm from her body, she’s feeling fitter, lighter, so much stronger and more confident in her skin. What’s more, she loved taking part in the Challenge and that she didn’t have to give up her favourite foods or go without!

“I have loved that I am not hungry on this program and am getting plenty to eat!”

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Naomi Pearson from Alice Springs in the NT is 45 with four children aged 10, 8, 6 and 2.

Determined to get her eating in check, Naomi joined the Healthy Mummy for its 12 Week Challenge at the beginning of the year.

Naomi says, ‘I pledged to be more accountable for what I put in my mouth, to lose 12kg in 12 weeks with a longer term goal of being back to teaching Body Attack by August.’

By following 3 consecutive 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges, and getting extra support from the 12 Week Challenge community, Naomi lost a total of 12.7 kg in the 12 weeks and 38.5 cm off of my body.

Naomi also had extra support from her sister in law who Naomi also got on board the 12 Week Challenge.

‘We check in every Monday with weights, we swap meals and snacks to help with variety.’

With her first pledge ticked off, Naomi is feeling quite rightly proud of her achievements and is loving the benefits of the weight loss. She’s also committed to continuing her journey to better health and is joining the next 12 Week Challenge.

If you haven’t already you can join the 12 Week Challenge here!

Naomi says, ‘I am feeling lighter and and have made some serious fitness gains in my classes, getting down to the floor quicker, lifting my knees higher, and maintaining a higher intensity of work for longer.

I have been able to get back into clothes I haven’t worn for years and feel so much more confident in my skin.’

One of the main things Naomi is enjoyed about the Challenge is being able to eat the food she loves without feeling deprived. She also found using Control X a bonus on her journey.

‘I have loved I am not hungry on this program and am getting plenty to eat!’

Naomi’s Advice for other Mums

1. Track everything

So you know exactly how much you’re consuming! I was shocked to the calories in some things and how extra things like the kids crusts can really add to your calorie count (especially when you have 4 kids!!! That’s a lot of crusts)

2. Still eat what you love in suitable portions

Make things easy for yourself make extras at dinner for lunches. Customise your favourite meals/snacks in your app to make it easy to add!

3. Find exercise you love

I love to exercise so this is easy for me! But for those that struggle try different things, find a friend to join you, easier with someone else. Also have an ally , I got my SIL on board and we check in every Monday with weights, we swap meals and snacks to help with variety.

Great advice Naomi and thank you for sharing!

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