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If your skin is feeling rough it may be a result of dryness, dehydration, and a buildup of dead skin cells.  To help get your skin back to feeling silky smooth try these 4 top tips.

  • Start from the inside out
    • Boosting your body’s collagen levels can help your skin’s natural glow. You can do this by adding The Healthy Mummy’s Collagen Powder to your daily beauty routine. It will support you from the inside out.
  • Cleanse and exfoliate
    • Cleansing and exfoliation can help remove dirt, oil, dead skin cells and pollutants from your face that cause dullness giving an instant lift in your complexion. Plus use The Healthy Mummy’s Revive Face Oil to enhances your skins barrier function and protects skin against environmental damage and free radicals.
  • Face mask
    • Face masks can give you glow-boosting benefits when skin feels lack lustre. The Healthy Mummy’s Pink Clay Mask is loaded with unique ingredients to help detoxify, brighten, hydrate, and purify your skin.
  • Moisturise

Real Mum SKIN Product Reviews

Pink Clay Mask

Wow! Mum Elle is showcasing just how quickly her skin has been transformed by her new Healthy Mummy lifestyle, smoothies and SKIN Products.

She says, “I am a dermal (skin) therapist and work alongside a cosmetic medical doctor performing skin treatments for over 10 years. I have tried EVERYTHING, even two rounds of Roaccutane.”

Since she started using the SKIN Pink Clay Mask, The Healthy Mummy Smoothies and The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges she has seen some great results saying, “I see a HUGE improvement in my skin.”

Revive Oil

Bec loves how SUPER HYDRATING The Healthy Mummy Revive Oil.

Bec says “I’m so lucky have been using this beautiful new product from The Healthy Mummy. The packaging is lovely and feels really luxurious and smells divine. It feels amazing on my skin, light but super hydrating at the same time. So excited about the improvements I’ve seen with my skin, using this product. As a busy mum to five, it’s important to look after me too.”

Collagen Powder

Daisy is a huge fan of all of our SKIN products, especially the Beauty Collagen Powder.

She says, “I’m now getting back into the swing of everything and staying consistent and it’s starting to pay off.  My skin is starting to glow, and my hair is starting to shine again.

“I love The Healthy Mummy Beauty Collagen Powder. Before using this wonderful product, my hair was falling out in handfuls constantly.”

Superfood Serum

Samara has made this SKIN product part of her daily skin care routine.

She says, “This is my new favourite way to start my day. After washing my face, I simply apply the new SKIN Superfood Serum to my face and neck and I instantly feel refreshed and ready for the day.  Not only does it smell incredible, but it leaves my skin looking and feeling so smooth!! 10 out of 10!!”

Glow Flash Balm

Leah Romiti loves face products and couldn’t wait to try The Healthy Mummy Glow Flash Balm.  She was not disappointed.

Leah says, “The Healthy Mummy Skin Glow Flash Balm is beautiful. It smells incredible, feels divine and glides onto your skin like silk. My skin feels super soft and it has a subtle shimmer. Another amazing Healthy Mummy Skin product to add to my daily routine”

Clay Masks

Eirini uses our skin range products to help keep her breakouts at bay.

“Guess who has school photos this week and has a couple of pimples come up? Me!

“Thank goodness for The Healthy Mummy Green Clay Mask. My skin loves it, because it helps to detox and soften it. I’ll follow it up later in the week before photo day with the pink mask as I find that helps brighten and even out my skin a bit more.”

Hydro Gel Eye Mask

Chelsea loves The Healthy Mummy Hydrogel Eye Mask and The Healthy Mummy Green Clay mask.

She says, “Today I finally got to use my Hydrogel Eye Mask after I used my green clay mask & I feel absolutely refreshed.” 

Rose Quartz Roller

Lauren is a fan of our Rose Quartz Roller. She says, “I took advantage of the sale on The Healthy Mummy skin products and finally got myself one of these rose quartz rollers to go with my stock up of Revive Face Oil, the perfect match!!



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