10 Mum’s INSPIRING before and after weight loss results

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Prepare to be inspired! 10 real life mums share their INSPIRING weight loss results from The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

Their transformations are nothing short of SPECTACULAR and proof that The Healthy Mummy’s healthy and balanced approach to weight loss does work!.


1. Melanie Toman – 30kg weight loss

 “The Healthy Mummy has helped me change my whole perspective on life”


Melanie says “When someone asks me why I love Healthy Mummy so much I just tell them look at me and how I have changed as a person, not just my pictures.

Healthy Mummy has helped me change my whole perspective on life:

My family and friends tell me I’m obsessed with Healthy Mummy!
Why wouldn’t I be?. Life could not be any better.

If I can lose nearly 30 kgs and over 120cm so can you!”.

2. Melanie Arnold-Stemm – 59kg weight loss

“Since I joined The Healthy Mummy I have never looked back”


Mel’s Healthy Mummy journey began the day after she and her husband split up with the free online recipes. Then she joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in December 2016.

She says “After gaining 65kg, following “success” on another program, I knew I needed to find something sustainable.

I was skeptical that something like that even existed until I found The Healthy Mummy and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. Since I joined I have never looked back.”

In the two years, she has been following The Healthy Mummy, Melanie has gone from 135kg to 76kg! Losing 59kg!

Melanie says “My goals have also changed from weight loss, instead to simply being healthy, honest to myself, and open to all.

I want to do activities I love doing as my exercise (yoga, kayaking, paddle-boarding, swimming), and FINALLY work towards my dream of being a firefighter. I am also hoping to do a trek for charity the year after – so lots of goals, dreams, and a lot of things to work towards! “

3. Sarah Gilling – 39kg weight loss

“The Healthy Mummy has absolutely changed my life”.


30 year old mum of two Sarah found The Healthy Mummy back in 2013 after the birth of her son but didn’t get serious with her weight loss journey until October 2015 after the birth of her daughter.

She says “I was 114kgs and wearing a size 20. I was so unhappy within myself and had just been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and high blood pressure.

I knew it was time to do something about my weight not only for myself but for my family. I wanted my children being brought up knowing how to fuel their body the best possible way and to hopefully not go through all the body issues I have growing up.

My ultimate goal was to get to 85kgs and into a size 14/12. I’m now down 75kgs and in a size 10! I never would have thought I’d be this size. It really is possible when you put your mind to something and you have an AMAZING tool like the 28 Day Challenge App.

Honestly, The Healthy Mummy has absolutely changed my life.

It isn’t a diet, rather a lifestyle change (which I love).  I have gained so much knowledge from the challenge on how to best fuel my body.

The Healthy Mummy will always be a part of mine and my families lifestyle.. We LOVE IT!”.

4. Tegan Palmer – weight loss 30kg

“Joining The Healthy Mummy has been the best decision I have ever made”


Tegan says “I joined The Healthy Mummy 2 years ago in October, honestly, not knowing what to really expect. I didn’t have any goals, I didn’t have a set number in mind or a set dress size. I just wanted to get fit and healthy again and lose as much weight as I could. I wanted to be an active, involved mum where ever I could.

And everyday I’m so thankful I took the plunge and joined the challenge because The Healthy Mummy has really helped me achieve beyond what I could have expected.

I’ve lost 30kgs by following the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meal plan and exercises and having smoothies along with protein powder.

I have gone from a size 22 to a size 10. Which to be honest I have never been a size 10. All through high school I was a size 14.

The thing I absolutely love most isn’t the weight loss, it’s the fact that I have so much more energy now. Running around with my kids at home or at parks and play centres isn’t a big deal anymore. And I can see on their faces and by the way they laugh and smile that they too love how much mummy plays with them and runs around with them.

Joining The Healthy Mummy has been the best decision I have ever made.

I can’t imagine not having the meal plans and recipes and most importantly the support groups and not to mention the new and wonderful friends I’m making”

5. Rebecca Harman – 25kg weight loss

“The Healthy Mummy makes weight loss so much easier”


Rebecca says “25kg gone since my first baby, all the while eating chocolate, pasta and bread!

There’s no need for extreme dieting, all you need is balance and a little determination, and the Healthy Mummy makes it so much easier”.

6. Sally – 41kg weight loss

“I am eternally grateful”


Sally has lost an impressive 41kgs and says “Healthy Mummy has given me the tools, it’s simplified the stress of meal planning and exercising.

It’s provided an incredible community full of inspiring mums and fabulous support. Join the Healthy Mummy Private Online Facebook Support Group

And it’s helped me realise I am worthy and I can do anything. It’s helped me and so many others over the years and I’m eternally grateful.”

7. Jodi – 28kg weight loss

“Learning how to fuel my body correctly was crucial for me”.


Jodi says “I kicked my own butt into gear when I found The Healthy Mummy this six years ago. I looked at the success stories on the website and I wanted to be one of them so badly.

So I started with little things. I knew that if I tried to change everything at once, it wouldn’t last. So I started having breakfast. Then I added in snacks, and a healthy dinner. And it went from there.

Learning how to fuel my body alongside with portion control was crucial for me. And the smoothies meant I started to eat breakfast which got my metabolism going for the first time in forever”. BUY Smoothies

8. Sarah – 36kg weight loss

“Don’t ever give up. It’s so worth all the hard work!”


Sarah has lost 36kg in 7 months!

Starting weight 115kg and size 22-24

7 months later 79kg and size 14

She says “Don’t ever give up, it’s so worth all the hard work!”.

9. Josie Boom – 17kg weight loss

“Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge meals and smoothies have completely changed my life”


Josie says “I reached my goal weight last year in November after losing 17kgs with The Healthy Mummy. My goal this year is to tone up, as much as I can.

Having carried and birthed 3 boys I know not to be too hard on myself. Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals and smoothies have completely changed my life!

Photo on the left was my very first photo being my heaviest, I was incredibly unhappy and angry at myself. Photo on the right taken today, brand new me, never thought it’d happen but it did. Believe in yourself and take 1 day at a time and it’s ok to have a bad day of eating, tomorrow is a new day”.

10. Leah – 15kg weight loss

“My whole life has changed”


Leah says “I have lost 15kgs on two occasions (both times after pregnancies) and my whole way of life has changed.

I have learnt how to cook, I meal plan and meal prep plus I’m confident and happy.”  Read How to meal plan like a pro

The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank these inspiring mums for sharing their fantastic weight loss results.

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