How to look your best for a wedding

Weddings are special occasions that people love to reminisce about and share photos of for years to come which is why all women do their best to look and feel their best for the occasion. Here are 7 strategies to help.
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Looking good on your wedding day – it’s what every woman wants!

Whether it’s your wedding, or a friend’s or relative’s – a wedding is a special occasion where there will be lots of happy snaps that people will be looking at for years to come. That’s why it’s important to look and feel your best.

As the big date approaches, you need to be thinking about how you’re going to ensure you look your best for your wedding day.

how to look good for wedding

7 strategies to help you prepare to look and feel good on your wedding day

So here are seven great (and simply) strategies to help you prepare to feel good on your wedding day.

1. Healthy eating

One of the most important things you can do to look your best for your wedding is to begin eating healthily for several months in advance.

Remember the old saying – you are what you eat!

If feeling great for your wedding day is important (which it always is), and you want to look fresh, make sure you eat lots of fresh food and drink lots of water.

Start by ditching foods that are high in saturated fats. These will make your skill look dull. Instead, stick to lots of fresh salads with healthy fats such as avocado to encourage your skin to glow instead!

Too many carbs can make you feel bloated, which is not what you want on the day when you want to be at your most svelte. So it’s best to avoid a lot of carbs as well.

And if you do have the occasional cheat meal, don’t worry, we know how hard it is to stick to healthy eating. Just get back on the healthy eating bandwagon as soon as possible.

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Lack of Sleep Equals Major Weight Gain

2. Sufficient sleep

Poor sleep will definitely not help you to look good on your wedding day.

You need to make sure you’re well rested and relaxed.

Starting several weeks before the wedding, begin to get into a routine that includes going to sleep relatively early. Before hitting the sack, make sure you don’t look at your mobile phone or computer screen for at least one hour.

If you’re not getting enough shut-eye, it can cause a range of problems from hormone imbalance, which causes your appetite to spike, to overall cognitive impairment.

By getting your body used to a decent sleeping cycle, with consistent times when you wake up, you should be well-rested by the time it comes to the wedding day.

Keeping the temperature in the room cool, as well as regularly using fresh bed sheets, will help make the atmosphere conducive to deep slumber.

Also, anxiety can be a big disrupter of sleep and may lead to insomnia. If you’re experiencing this, perhaps try meditating before bed or listening to soft, calming music.

3. Keep hydrated

Water is vital to the healthy functioning of our bodies. Everything from digestion to weight loss benefits from good levels of hydration.

Making sure you consistently drink around 8 glasses of water every day. This is a great strategy to ensure you know how to look your best for your wedding day.

Regular consumption of water will also help make your skin look clear and clean.

4. Ditch the sugar

Sugar, whether in the form of glucose that can be found in carbohydrates, or fructose in fruit, not only affects your waistline but also can wreak havoc on your skin.

Sugar spikes your insulin levels and causes inflammation throughout your body. Inflammation helps destroy collagen and elastin – proteins that are necessary to your skin looking its best.

Sugar can also make acne and other skin conditions worse.

If you really need something sweet, try something made with stevia which is natural and very low in calories.

Another option when looking for something sweet that won’t boost your calories is The Healthy Mummy’s range of smoothies and snacks. These are bound to hit the spot whenever you need something a bit sweet!

Read our 7 tips to help you kick the sweet stuff!

5. Be careful with sauces

Herbs and spices are great for adding flavour to your dishes. Just be careful with many store-bought pre-prepared sauces, marinades and dressings – many have hidden sugars in them which can dramatically increase your caloric intake.

6. Get physical

Getting more active is always going to be a great way to make you look and feel good for a wedding.

It doesn’t really matter what type of exercise you do, whatever you enjoy – just do it!

Being regularly active is the key to a long and healthy life. It will help you maintain a healthy weight and will ensure you are full of energy on the wedding day.

7. De-stress

If you want to look your best for your wedding, you need to find a way to de-stress.

We get that planning a wedding is stressful. It can take many months. Even the easy-going brides are bound to experience some stress during the planning process.

If you don’t get your stress levels under control, they can cause a number of problems including the urge to overeat and drink.

How do you know if you’re too stressed? You will constantly feel like there is something that needs to be done and you can’t rest until you complete it.

You need to set aside some time each day, preferably before bed, to calm down. You may wish to go for quiet walks in nature, have a massage, or listening to calming music.

Whatever you choose, make sure to feel centred and calm so you will be looking great on your wedding day!

If you’re finding it difficult to get all the stress surrounding the wedding under control, join The Healthy Mummy online community. There are literally thousands of women just like you who have experienced similar types of stress.

Speaking to them about their experiences can be a source of amazing advice!

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Feeling great and looking good for a wedding is important for all women.

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