‘Do this one thing – it will be life-changing’ – how these mums lost 200kgs*

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The saying goes that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Some of these mums took that step years ago, others just a few months back – but all of them are on the same life-changing journey to health and happiness. Come and read their stories and see their INCREDIBLE transformations.

‘I am a happier, healthier, more confident woman’

We’re giving a huge shout-out to eight astounding mums who have taken control of their lives, their health and their happiness.

1. Caren Reynolds


Caren says: “I don’t normally post swimwear shots as I’m a little shy but we go! I’m Caren and I’ve been using The Healthy Mummy Since September 2013. On the left was me 4 months post-partum of baby one. On the right is me 14 months post-partum baby two. I am now happy, confident and full of energy!

“My Healthy Mummy journey has been a slow and steady one. Over the 100 days to summer I actually put on 2kg but I was running and training hard with my Healthy Mummy trainer and I know the gain is muscle and tone. I no longer obsess over the scales because they don’t give an accurate reflection of your results and you are so much more than a number! Thanks to the Healthy Mummy I am a happier, healthier, more confident woman, mum, wife and friend.

“It didn’t happen overnight, but I worked hard, and followed the challenge (which is so good it’s easy!) and I love my morning smoothie. Commit, do it, get it done and celebrate your success. If you are sitting on the fence JUMP OFF you could be feeling this good before you know it!
Don’t wait til January 1st do it now!”

2. Kim Steuart


Kim says: “Two years ago I was travelling a very unhappy road within myself, I had quit smoking (yay) which seen me stack on 10kgs in three months making me the biggest ever. I was lethargic, had no self confidence, I was beginning to hate me for who I had let myself become.

“A chat with my sister about The Healthy Mummy saw me join the support page and start looking at all the free content on the website, before too long I had a goal (which at the time I thought was beyond even possible nor did I believe I could actually do it) and i was making small but necessary changes, purchased the DVD and started the smoothies and now a 28 Day Challenge member!

“Fast forward to now 29kgs* gone over 136cms* off my whole body and I LOVE me for me! I am a confident strong happy active wife and mummy, my life couldn’t get any better. No it wasn’t that easy I have worked my backside off to be where I am today which I am super proud of myself for never giving up!

“If you are humming and harring about the 28 Day Challenges, don’t – just do this one thing for yourself – it will be life changing.”

3. Monique Taylor


Monique says: “This past week I cracked my 2016 weightloss goal of getting under 100kgs – now 99.1kgs!! For me that equates to a loss of 76kgs over the past 3 years thanks to overhauling my nutrition, getting active and owning my actions that had led me to a very dangerous place. To know now I am strong, healthy and confident and planning to annoy my three-year-old well into her old age is the best feeling in the world!

“To wake up this morning and see I’ve been nominated as a 2016 The Healthy Mummy Weightloss Mum Of The Year is icing on the cake for all the blood, sweat and tears this journey has signified this year – but between you and me I’m a winner already.”

4. Lorna Williams


Lorna says: “First picture is March 2014 I was approximately 85kgs, second is at our wedding 2 weeks ago in a US size 4 dress!! I don’t know where I’d be without The Healthy Mummy. I am able to plan our weekly meals out in advance plus have a shopping list generated so I know we have everything we need (the meals are so quick and easy to prepare, plus they taste delicious) plus having the weekly planner on the fridge so I know what we were having for each meal and as a reminder to look after myself plus have my daily exercise planned out.

“I am now happier and healthier plus smashed my goals. Over 30kgs lost between these two pictures.”

5. Nikola Green


Nikola says: “Deciding to sign up to the 28 Day Challenges has been the best decision I’ve made. I’ve been following the challenges since August 2015 and I’ve lost 16kg and over 90cm from my body! I’ve been following the challenges, having a Healthy Mummy smoothie a day and training hard with my PT. I’m a fit, healthy and happy mummy now that oozes confidence, something I’ve never had and I’m just loving life!

“I love that the 28 Day Challenges make everything easy!

  • Over 2,500 recipes to choose from
  • My menu is full customisable
  • My shopping list is provided
  • I’m given daily exercises
  • The meals are family friendly

“It hasn’t been easy, I’ve had to work damn hard to get where I am and work my butt off (literally) which is made even harder being a single mum to active four-year-old twins but I’m determined and passionate about reaching my goal what ever that is!

“For me it will be a feeling not a number on the scales or size of clothing! Why not join me, you won’t regret you’ll just wish you signed on sooner. So treat yourself this Christmas and get yourself the gift of health by signing up now!”

6. Elle Temple


Elle says: “Once upon a time I used to stalk The Healthy Mummy page and see all of the amazing mums losing weight – they were my inspiration and my hope – that I could do the same!

“When my son was eight-weeks-old I decided it was time to start my Healthy Mummy journey. I started with the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan book and introduced one Healthy Mummy Smoothie per day. Even when severely sleep deprived, breastfeeding and getting used to being a mum – the plans were still sustainable to follow, and my milk supply wasn’t affected.

“Three months later I decided to join the 28 day challenge for extra motivation and new recipes to keep me going – soon enough six months had passed and I had lost 20kg!!! I was in better shape than I was pre-pregnancy! Now in total I have lost 25kg and have kept it off for nearly a year!”

7. Ashleigh Dunkley


Ashleigh says: “This is a hard one to write. I have PND and anxiety, I am on anti depressants and have been for a few months now and this week has been a super tough week for me. Nothing in particular has gone wrong, but that’s the way depression works. It sucks you in when you least expect it.

“I was dreading my weigh in this morning. I felt like I hadn’t exercised at all, and that my food choices could have been better, so I was delighted to see that I had lost 600g and I am now the lightest weight I have been since having my second child. Then I realised, I had done more than I thought. I have been having my smoothies for breakfast and some lunches, I have been having my challenge meals and snacks. Yes, there have been a couple of chocolates, there has definitely been too many coffees, but without even thinking, I have been using my new healthy habits to help manage my blue days.

“I took the kids to the park three times this week and ran around with them, I chased them around the backyard, I danced when I felt like I needed a mood lift. After being a Healthy Mummy customer for 3.5 years, these things just come naturally to me now.
I am not who I was. It’s not just that I am not 81kg (I’m 67.9kg as of this morning), but I am a totally different person.

“My ‘bad days’ now are still healthier than most of my ‘good days’ before. I don’t manage my depression with chocolate or wine, but walking and dancing. The Healthy Mummy isn’t just another weight loss company, it’s a community of like minded women, encouraging and supporting each other.

“The Healthy Mummy teaches you to eat properly, it teaches you how to squeeze in exercise no matter how busy you are, it gives you the tools to be the best version of yourself that you can be. I have PND, but I am not broken.”

8. Jacoby Cash


Jacoby says: “88.8 to 71.8kgs Feeling stronger, happier, content AND CONFIDENT!

“I could bang on about how life changing Healthy Mummy has been to me, but I don’t need to. Photos are proof! Healthy eating is proof! Exercise is PROOF. there are a million excuses not to jump all in at this time of year…but honestly, if you’re serious about changing your lifestyle, you won’t push it forward till the new year, you’ll start now! So your already feeling fab in the new year!”

What amazing women – single parenting twins, managing depression and juggling everyday life but still managing to make their health a priority. This is exactly why we do what we do at The Healthy Mummy – we want to empower you by making it as easy as possible to take the journey to a healthy self – come and see what all the fuss is about HERE!

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