This is how to mindfully eat for mums and families

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Do you ever sit down to eat, take one mouthful (or what you think was one mouthful) and boom, you look down at your plate only to find the whole meal is gone, vanished! This is called mindless eating.

“Mindful eating, on the other hand, is often described as sitting down and peacefully enjoying your meal with all of your senses, your attention and awareness on what you’re eating,” says Healthy Mummy Cassie McKay.

Cassie has lost 10kg* on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies for 10 months and she’s here to tell us about mindful eating for mums and families.


How to learn mindfulness eating

When you mindlessly eat, you aren’t paying attention to what’s going into your body and you’re more likely overeat.

“So much focus is put on the types of foods we should and shouldn’t eat, but have you ever stopped to think about how you are eating?” asks Cassie.

“Think back over the meals you’ve eaten the past few days. Were they relaxed, peaceful meals, or were they rushed and stressful?”

If you’re a mum, we’re going to guess that the latter is most common, so here are Cassie’s 5 mindful eating tips to encourage you:

1. Eat at the table

“Clear anything unrelated to meal times from the dinner table and make sure meals are only served here”. Create a calming place to eat and repeat for every meal.

Cass-mindful eating

2. Arrange your food nicely

Cassie keeps a visual food diary and likes to arrange the food nicely before taking a photo of it.

“I get to really appreciate my meal as a work of art before eating it.”

3. Eat slowly

“If you eat with your kids, then you may have to get creative here. This could mean introducing chop sticks or serving soup with a smaller spoon to make their meal more difficult to eat and keep them at the table longer.”


4. No distractions

Turn off all technology while you eat and encourage silence if your kids are old enough.

Cassie says, “Let’s see who can be silent for the longest” is always a fun game. By bringing a little more attention and focus to how you are eating, you will find that you will begin to make better choices about what you’re eating.”


5. Keep it positive

Talk about the food you’re sitting down to eat and encourage your kids to do the same.

“Really look at the colours, smell, taste, and texture. Also talk about the good things that happened during the day.”

Cassie’s 10kg* weight loss story

Cassie says she no longer has to fake confidence, she has it for real now! Here’s how this mum lost 10kgs through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge by learning to make time for herself!


There is one year between these photos and Cassie has been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies for 10 months. And in that time, 10kgs have GONE!

And to say this mama is excited is an understatement!

Cassie bought the dress on the left on holiday in November last year but she only wore it out with layers of control underwear and a long top over it.

She says, “I knew my body wasn’t where I wanted it to be, but I was doing everything I could to embrace it.”

“This body had carried and nourished two babies and had endured a c-section and hip surgery. I was a busy mum giving everything to my family. I wanted to be body confident but it just wasn’t happening.” 

Since then, Cassie has learned to find time for herself. And while life still gets a bit hectic for her as a busy mum, she says she’s blossomed by finding that time.

“Time to nourish my body, time to exercise, time to get my hair and eyebrows done, time to see friends, time to meditate and time to reflect.” 

“I don’t have to fake confidence anymore- it is shining out from within me.”

So would Cassie recommend having some me-time? DEFINITELY!

“It doesn’t have to be hours a day. Start with a few minutes and take it from there. Trust me- you’ll be pleasantly surprised.” 

Join Cassie on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Challenge generic


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