Mum 53 on her spectacular 25 kg weight loss – “I feel so much more energetic and happy with my body”

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If you’ve been victim to your weight yo-yoing : lose weight, plateau, put on weight, plateau etc etc – you are certainly not alone.

When Mum Lorraine finally decided to take control and break the cycle, she adopted a Healthy Mummy lifestyle and not only lost 25 kilos, she has maintained her goal weight for over a year and is now LOVING her body.

“Being fit and healthy is not a chore it’s a lifestyle and it’s my way of life”

Read Lorraine’s amazing weight loss results below

Lorraine’s Weight Loss Story

Mum Lorraine Chapman from Brisbane is 53 with two adult children. Several years ago, she was feeling really unhappy with how she looked. While she had always eaten a relatively healthy diet, bad habits had crept in, eating too many sweets and not exercising.

She knew she needed to take control so when she saw an ad for The Healthy Mummy crop up in her Facebook feed, fed up with feeling uncomfortable in her own skin, she signed up.

She says “I loved the recipes so much in the first week. I started doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges but got slack with exercising regularly

Changing Habits

The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is all about small lifestyle changes that add up to big results. Lorraine started to tweak everyday habits and slowly but surely, she started to see changes take effect.

She shares “I always struggled with my water intake but I made myself drink 2 litres a day and now I still drink 2 litres plus every day without fail. I replaced my morning coffee with warm lemon water and still have this every day too.”

Lorriane had also struggled with consistency with exercise. Although she was loving the food and was eating really well, she knew she needed to move more.

Just after my 51st birthday I thought that’s enough and started exercising by doing the Healthy Mummy workouts regularly.

I joined a high-intensity workout gym to help boost my exercise and did Healthy Mummy workouts on the days I didn’t go to the gym.

Weight Loss Results – 25 Kgs and 76 cms

Lorraine reached her goal weight and has maintained it for over a year!

I have lost 25kgs and 76cms from my body.  I’ve maintained this by eating Healthy Mummy meals 99% of the time and exercise by running, walking and doing workouts from the app.

She also has included Healthy Mummy Smoothies into her lifestyle and enjoys several a week, especially Honeycomb flavour.

Consistency is Key

Lorraine says “Even though there were times I plateaued I didn’t give up.  I kept going then all of a sudden the scales started moving again.  If you feel like giving up always remember consistency is the key.

I feel so much more energetic and happy with my body since being a Healthy Mummy.

Lorraine admits that with the help of the Healthy Mummy she has learned so much about living a healthy lifestyle including:

  •  You can still have delicious healthy treats
  •  I’m not worried about what the scales say
  •  Being fit and healthy makes me feel amazing
  •  There is always encouragement and support in these groups

Support in the Community

As a regular in the Healthy Mummy Community, Lorraine has found support from people on their own weight loss journey.

The support you receive in the Healthy Mummy Groups is amazing and I have made lots of new friends, some I’ve never met, some I have.”

Lorraine’s 3 tips for Success

– Meal prep where you can as having something healthy already made will help with making unhealthy choices
– Stay consistent, if you fall off the wagon jump back on the next day
– Stay positive and everything will eventually fall in place

Wise words of advice Lorraine! Thank you for sharing your weight loss results with us!

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