‘I’ve struggled with obesity my whole life!’ Mum changed her lifestyle & lost 46kg

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Hayley Campbell has lost 46kg altogether through The Healthy Mummy – at her highest she was 140kg. “I have struggled with obesity my whole life. As a child I ate meals fit for an adult,” she says.

“I always overate and chose the wrong foods, I didn’t know any different. I tried every fad diet under the sun, only to fail miserably.”


‘I have struggled with obesity my whole life’

Hayley says when she met her husband she was around 115kg.

“He is a chef and loves to spoil me with food. A year after I had moved in with him, we both gained close to 10kg,” she says.

“My weight went up and down over the next few years and after I had our son I found myself at 140kg. An active and healthy lifestyle seemed unreachable. I was so anxious all the time, I felt everyone looked at me in disgust when I entered a room,” she says.

“AND I couldn’t stop what I was eating. I was addicted to iced coffees and I easily drank a litre a day, and goodness knows how many sandwiches I ate. I ate portion sizes fit for a trucker.”


Hayley says she had tried many different diets in the past. She even tried excluding certain food groups from her diet. But she always found she would have horrible life effects or actually gain weight.

Hayley says she then came across The Healthy Mummy on a Facebook advertisement and thought to herself, ‘What do I have to lose?’

“I used The Healthy Mummy recipes at first, and in eight months I dropped 24kg with the help of a personal trainer,” she says.

“I fell pregnant with my daughter, but I walked throughout my pregnancy and tried to stay as fit and healthy as I could.”

A change the whole family can jump onboard with


After her daughter was born, Hayley joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and lost 22kg without the help of a personal trainer this time.

“My daughter has grown up eating the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals and doesn’t enjoy sugary or fatty foods at all,” says Hayley.

“I have totally transformed the way I eat, move and prioritise activity into my day. I actually can’t tolerate the foods I used to eat, and instead of sandwiches, I have salads and healthy alternatives.

“My hubby has even changed the way he cooks – he has certainly learned a few things from my new lifestyle and has dropped the kgs too.”

Regain your confidence with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge


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