This mum lost 46kg to be a healthy role model for her kids!

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One day, it hit her. Cassie realised that her two beautiful daughters needed a healthy role model in their lives.

This mum has achieved the goal she set out to accomplish, to get into a healthy BMI and lose 46kg. 

Going from 108kg to 63kg, Cassie is setting an example for her kids and her future self.

Cassie Krawczyk before and after

Becoming a role model

When it came to the scales, Cassie had to learn to stop beating herself up every time she gained a kilogram.

“It wasn’t until I saw other women on The Healthy Mummy saying the same thing, that I realised I wasn’t alone. We are all going to have those times where we aren’t meeting our goals or expectations and we just have to keep working towards them and not hate ourselves for it. Because that’s not a great image to show our children is it?” Cassie says.

And now Cassie’s goal is to keep that weight off.

Cassie prides herself on showing and teaching her family good eating habits.

“My girls who are only 2 and 3 ask for a salad when we go out over the nuggets and chips,” she says.

Thanks to meal prepping, Cassie and her family know what to have on hand and make throughout the week.

“It saves money and stops us going out to get takeout because we don’t know what we want,” says Cassie.

Healthy mind equals healthy body!

If she’s ever feeling low or anxious, Cassie aims to squeeze in some cardio to clear her mind as well as keeping active. 

“The one thing I can recommend to anyone who is starting their weight loss journey is to set yourself goals such as ‘I want to lose 5kg, by this date, or I want to run 5km by this date. I found it made me push myself that little harder to get to those points,” Cassie says.

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Staying positive, will get you there! As Cassie says, “Everyone has a reason to lose the weight. Mine was for my children and that’s what kept me going.”

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