Mum overhauls lifestyle, loses over 20 kilos and no longer needs insulin injections

Mum with serious health problems joins The Healthy Mummy and not only loses 21 kilos, but also lowers blood pressure and no longer needs insulin injections
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Having lost her own mum ten years ago, Melissa was determined that her health problems, mostly brought on through her obesity and unhealthy lifestyle, would not take her away from her own five year daughter too soon.

Five months ago, after a spell in hospital Melissa made the decision to overhaul her lifestyle completely. After joining The Healthy Mummy and using The Healthy Mummy Smoothies, she’s not only lost over 21 kilos, she’s been taken off her blood pressure medication and no longer needs insulin injections!

Go Melissa!

Read about her inspiring transformation below

Melissa’s life before Healthy Mummy

Mum Melissa Danher is forty and lives in the Yarra Ranges in Victoria with her 5 year old special needs daughter and husband.

At 115.9kgs and a size 22, Melissa had some serious health issues, including high blood pressure and also required insulin injections. She admits her lifestyle was not a healthy one.

She shares, “I was literally a couch potato, ate very unhealthy, drank sugary drinks and had no energy.”

Five months ago, Melissa spent her 40 birthday in hospital with diverticulitis. It was during this time, that Melissa knew she needed to change her life.

Melissa says,  “Once I got out of hospital I looked at my 5 year old daughter and my husband. I thought to myself long and hard. I was obese and my health problems were most likely due to being overweight and a poor diet.”

“I lost my mum in 2010 she wasn’t that old. If I kept going this way my little daughter and husband would lose me young as well.”

I couldn’t bear the thought of doing that to them so I decided to change my weight and become a healthy mum.”

Although she had been following the Healthy Mummy for around a year, she signed up as a Platinum Member and made a commitment to lose weight.

Melissa follows the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipes and uses Healthy Mummy Smoothies. She also runs on a treadmill every day, and has a personal trainer once a week.

Weight Loss Results – 21.7kg gone

In just five months, Melissa has lost 21. 7kgs and is now 94.2 kgs and a size 14. And she’s not stopping there.

She says “My goal weight for now is 75kg and I know I can do it!”

Health Benefits

There have been so many health benefits since losing weight. I was on 2 different blood pressure tablets and insulin injections. Now the only tablets I require to take are iron tablets.”

Due to Melissa’s healthy eating and exercising, her the blood sugars were stabilised enough to stop the insulin injections. Her Doctors are still closely monitoring her blood sugars and blood pressure but her levels are now normal.

Melissa says “Thanks to the Healthy Mummy and exercise I can lead a normal life again.”

“My mental health is fantastic since losing weight. I have such a positive mindset and I love to reach out to others and share positivity and inspire them and that there’s hope to lose weight”.

28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Melissa’s has found a love of exercise and along with the recipes, uses the Healthy Mummy App for the exercise workouts.

“I love how you can do workouts in your own time as you know it’s busy being a mum. I have a special needs daughter and often busy taking her to therapy. Then there’s the option of choosing the intensity of the workout.”

Melissa’s Day on a Plate

On a typical day I start out with a Healthy Mummy Honeycomb Smoothie with zymil milk, ice and banana added. Then morning workout followed by a small snack of a protein bar. Lunch is usually a salad with some chicken in it.

Afterwards is an afternoon run and dinner is usually stir fry with beef or chicken or just vegetables in it.”

Melissa’s three tips for success

  1. Never ever lose hope. You may have your good and bad days and small setbacks but eventually, it all evens out and you get back on track.
  2.  Always wake up look in the mirror and say I’m going to have a good day, I am beautiful I can do this I believe I can do this, I am worthy and I love myself
  3. Always set small goals you can do this

Melissa adds, “My advice for losing weight is start off slowly, do small amounts of exercise then build up your stamina and amount of time and intensity you exercise.”

“Eat healthily and the days you can’t fit exercise in just cut back on your calories.”

Positivity all the way

Melissa has found that a positive mindset has been key to her successful weight loss so far.

She says “ If I don’t have a positive mindset then I don’t have the will to lose weight and eat healthily. To love my body and myself. I’ve also learnt not to dwell on small things and that you can always start off again the next day.”

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Melissa – you are doing an amazing job!

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