This mum has lost 15kgs and regained her self-confidence

Healthy Mummy Lacey Joan never liked how she looked or how she thought others saw her, now she has regained her self-confidence and lust for life.
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Our community is full of mums who have struggled with body confidence over the years so it’s always inspiring to hear when any of them get their confidence back.

Healthy Mummy Lacey Joan used to avoid mirrors, hated seeing her reflection in store windows and wouldn’t leave the house without a full face of makeup, read how she overcame this and is feeling better than ever.

Lacey Joan transformation

From hating mirrors and not leaving the house without a face full of makeup to looking and feeling great

“I have been following The Healthy Mummy since November 2017 and became a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member in March 2018.

Since November I have lost 15.3kg and over 34cm.

Majority of that was after starting the challenges.

I absolutely hated looking in full-length mirrors or catching a glimpse in shop windows, I was so uncomfortable about how I looked.”


Lacey joan Healthy Mummy transformation

“But the weight affected more than just the way I looked, it affected the way I see myself and the way I felt others see me. I wouldn’t leave the house without a face full of makeup. I was miserable.

I am not yet at my first big goal but I am getting closer every week! I am a much more happy, confident and my biggest NSV is I can buy clothes and KNOW they will fit when I get them home.

And I save so much money on makeup as I barely wear it now.”

Lacey Joan face transformation

“I’ve used a number of Healthy Mummy products along the way and I love them! Singlets, tights long and short, drink bottles, shakers, jumper, smoothies, super greens, hot chocolate, protein powders and the app! 

My fave beings tights, smoothie, protein powder and drink bottle. Start most days off with these.

I owe so much to this healthy mummy lifestyle change. My family and I are so grateful to this program. There’s no looking back now!”

We love that you have gained so much confidence and can’t wait to see you hit every one of your goals!

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