‘Slow and steady wins the race!’ This mum has lost 25kg, proving taking it slow pays off

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We’ve all heard the saying, ‘slow and steady wins the race’, and we’ve all rolled our eyes at least once when someone applies this to weight loss. But as much as we don’t want to admit it, the saying couldn’t be more true.

Doing things slowly gives you much more of a chance to form a habit that will last long term.

After having her first child, Kate joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, started drinking the smoothies, and slowly lost 12kg.

Soon after reaching her goal of 65kg in 2016, Kate fell pregnant with her second child.

Kate Jacklin

Six months later…

Now six months postpartum, Kate has lost 13kg which has brought her down past her original goal weight! That is now a total weight loss of 25kg, confirming slowly and steady pays off.

“Before The Healthy Mummy I was unbelievably shy, I would barely leave my house or attend events. THM has helped me find a side of me that I never new existed,” Kate says.

Now going out and meeting new people, and even exercising in public, Kate is happy, healthy and most importantly confident in her own skin.

In 2018, Kate says she will be concentrating on her family, showing and teaching them constantly how to make healthier choices.

“I want my children to grow up being happy and healthy,” Kate said.


Also taking time out for yourself is detrimental to your health, Kate is focusing more on herself mentally so she can look after everyone else.

She says, “I am stressed very easily so will be finding ways to help myself in this area, possibly night time walks or runs once the kiss are in bed.”

Top 5 tips to stay on track:

1. Have realistic goals

One main goal (your goal weight/size), one or two monthly goals and one weekly goal. Make sure you have rewards for when you achieve these!

2. Put your goals where you can see them

Make a motivation board and write your favourite quotes where you can see them!

3. Make a plan

When will you exercise this week? When will you make dinner? What appointments do you have? Figure out your week so you don’t have to rush around.

4. Meal plan

Plan your meals, the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app meal plan helps a lot with this! Customise it to suit you, change it around, write it down on your own meal plan so you can see it all the time.

5. Prepare

Make meals/snacks to freeze if you have a super busy week. Cut up veggie sticks for snacks, prepare your smoothie mixes, make some muffins, anything to make your week easier and to keep you on track.

Kate Jacklin

Kate’s health and weight loss resolution for 2018

“I will maintain my current weight. I have not been able to workout as much over the past few months due to severe arthiritis in my feet/ankles, I WILL get this under wraps and exercise again daily! My new body will get toned!”

Making goals and resolutions is great for keeping yourself accountable, try our 2018 Healthy Mummy diary to start jotting yours down.

Motivational quotes:

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.”

“You are confined by the walls you build yourself.”

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish, it’s about what you inspire others to do.”

Feeling motivated to start your own long-term weight loss journey? Join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge now.

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