Mum loses 32kg and kicks type 2 diabetes in the butt

Healthy Mummy Teegan has not only kicked her type 2 diabetes in the butt she has also transformed her body and fell in love with food prep and exercise.
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Mum Teegan celebrates kicking her type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol in the butt after losing 32kgs with the Healthy Mummy weight loss program.

And if that wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, this mum now has her PCOS under control and her sex life is a whole lot HOTTER!

Read about the shocking moment she realised her health was at risk and how she turned that around.


Getting started with The Healthy Mummy Program

Teegan says “The day I decided to get onboard The Healthy Mummy program I took a couple of photos of myself in the mirror.

Although I knew I was overweight, I didn’t realise how overweight I had let myself become.

I cried and felt incredibly overwhelmed in the massive task ahead.

Afterwards, I decided to take myself to the doctor and he suggested I get some blood tests done”.

My wake up call – type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure

“A week later I found out that I had type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

It was at that moment I knew things were serious and food was not only controlling my life but ruining my health.

I remember posting on The Healthy Mummy support group on Facebook for the first time about the way I was feeling. And how sad and let down I was with myself.

I received a massive amount of support and kind encouragement and after seeing everybody’s transformations, something clicked inside my brain and I got started”.

Weight loss results

By following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges, enjoying The Healthy Mummy smoothies and with the encouragement of The Healthy Mummy support group Teegan has lost 32kgs in 14 months and completely transformed her body.

In addition, she says “I have:

  • Kicked type 2 diabetes in the butt. With diet alone.
  • No longer have high cholesterol. With diet alone.
  • Control over my PCOS and get a regular period for the first time in my life.
  • Improved my sex life due to feeling more confident and sexy
  • Learnt how to be an active and fun mum and wife, who no longer feels left out.
  • Fallen in love with meal prep and exercise.”


Advice for other mums

Teegan says her Healthy Mummy journey has been incredibly fun and enjoyable.

“I have had a blast learning about food and portions and great ways to fuel my body there was so much to learn and I just took it day by day.

Mums just starting…. Have faith and trust in the program. It works!

Never give up on yourself! Heck, yes there’s going to be bad days.

Yes, there’s going to be months where the scales don’t move or they might even go up. You must have the strength to keep pushing through these hard times.

The easy times will give you the motivation to keep going but the hard times is what tests your inner strength and test how much you want to see a change.

Also, it’s OK to take time for yourself. As mums, we struggle with the guilt of putting our self first at times.

It’s OK to leave the washing up to smash out a workout or put the TV on for the kids while you food prep. It’s OK to make time for yourself xx

The gift of having a Healthy Mummy in your life is just amazing!”

The Healthy Mummy team would like to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Teegan.  Not only for taking control of her weight and health but for inspiring other mums to do the same.

Are you ready to become a Healthy Mummy?

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