Emma struggled to fall pregnant before losing 22kg

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Emma reveals she struggled to fall pregnant after the birth of her first child. That was before she made some healthy lifestyle changes, and now she’s a mum-of-two!

Here’s how she did it!

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Emma’s story

Emma sadly suffered with multiple miscarriages and wanted to change her lifestyle to make it healthier and improve her chances of falling pregnant again.

She vowed to lose weight and began drinking  The Healthy Mummy smoothies. She then joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and lost 6kg before she fell pregnant with her second child.

“I stuck with the lifestyle and switched to the Pregnancy Smoothies and during that pregnancy I only gained 7kg,” says Emma.

Since giving birth, mum-of-two Emma has now lost 22kg in total, and she is loving her new healthy lifestyle.

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Let the results speak for themselves

“Last year, I chose to make it a year for me, I worked hard and my results speak for themselves,” says Emma.

Emma’s goal weight has gone from 70kg to 68kg and now down to 62kg. Emma is currently sitting at 67kg and working towards losing the next 5kg by April this year. 

Speaking of goals, Emma’s fitness goal for 2018 is to improve her running and complete a minimum of four half marathons for this year! She says two years ago you couldn’t get her out of the house walking, let alone running!

A new lifestyle

Stovetop Family Friendly Beef Lasagne

Emma has now adopted new shopping habits which involves her buying whole foods and making Healthy Mummy recipes that the entire family can tuck into, such as the Beef Lasagne.

Emma adds, “I meal prep all my snacks and try to make one or two bulk meals a week so I can have “freezer stock” for the days I don’t want to cook!”

The Healthy Mummy has had a massive impact on Emma’s family as well as herself.

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She says, “A happy healthy mummy equals better quality time spent with my family, my children have a positive role model and my hubby certainly isn’t complaining with how I’m looking!”

Emma says that it’s okay to be selfish sometimes and to make time for you and your health.

“My motto for the year is ‘a year to be free’, free to enjoy life and the results that The Healthy Mummy has given me!” she says.

Created just for you, the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge can be your personal trainer, chef and motivational coach all in one! Make like Emma and start your 2018 enjoying life and seeing results.

Our Challenge has been able to help thousands and thousand of mums lose weight, blast belly fat and improve their overall health through healthy eating plans and exercise programs.

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