‘I feel more in control and am more confident’ says mum-of-five who stuns in glam photoshoot

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Jessia Magill has had three Healthy Mummy pregnancies and lost 65kgs in total over the years by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

And the mum-of-five took part in a photoshoot for The Healthy Mummy – she looks absolutely stunning.

“I’ve currently lost 13kgs since baby number five,” she says. I feel more in control. I am more confident and I absolutely love The Healthy Mummy community.”

Mum-of-five, who has lost 65kg over the years on The Healthy Mummy,

Jessica has lost 65kg through The Healthy Mummy

Jessica started her Healthy Mummy journey after her mum added her to The Healthy Mummy Private Facebook Support Group when she was pregnant with her second baby.

Mum-of-five, who has lost 65kg over the years on The Healthy Mummy,

“My mum had a baby a couple of months before I did and was using The Healthy Mummy Smoothies and raving about them,” she says.

“My original goal weight was 75kg (my pre baby weight), I lost 20kg after baby number 2 and reached 65kg before having baby number three.”

Its SO important as mothers that we look after ourselves so we can be present and active with our kids and to set a good example!

“When I first joined The Healthy Mummy I had two kids under two and was a little lost,” she says. “I definitely wasn’t taking care of myself and wasn’t setting a healthy example for little eyes that were watching my every move.”

The biggest thing for Jess is becoming a happier more patient mum as she is no longer restricting calories or relying on sugar to get her through the days!

“My 5 kids have all been really close together and I am super thankful The Healthy Mummy has helped me get back to a healthy starting weight between each pregnancy, as it would be very easy to let it snowball and get out of hand,” she says.

“I’m now an active mum, which in return gives me more energy to play and get involved with the kids! I’ve found myself again, but I’ve found a healthier version of me and for that I’ll always be grateful.”

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