‘How you talk about yourself MATTERS!’ Mum urges women to be kind to themselves

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Laura Flanagan is urging mums to be kind to themselves and and not critical about the way they look.

The mum-of-three, who has lost 34 kilos following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, has penned an open letter to other mums about their internal dialogue being very important for their self-esteem.

This amazing mama is urging women to treat themselves how they would treat a friend.


Be kind to yourself

“How you talk to yourself matters,” she says. “If you were a friend looking at you, would the first thing you say to your friend be ‘Wow, your belly looks big today’?”

Laura says she would never talk to anyone like that, which is why it’s important for her to not talk to herself like that.

“I would compliment my friend’s hair, the fact she fits in her goal jeans, I wouldn’t jump straight to the negative,” she says.

“You may think body love in a weight loss group isn’t the right forum. I wholeheartedly disagree. I think The Healthy Mummy has evolved into something so much more than weight loss, than the perfect before and after photo.

“I think that you can love the skin you’re in while improving your health.”

‘How you talk about yourself MATTERS!’ Mum urges women to be kind to themselves

Laura reveals when she’s not loving her body, it doesn’t encourage her to do more exercise or eat better.

“When I’m feeling positive, then it gives me the energy for life and that translates into wanting to move my body,” she says.

“Not everyone bounces back quickly after they have a baby,  even with the right diet and exercise.

“So the next time you go to think negative thoughts about yourself in the mirror ask yourself ‘Would I say that to a friend or worse still, my daughter’? If the answer is no then you don’t deserve to hear it from yourself either.”

Well said Laura! We couldn’t agree with you more, which is why we celebrate ALL women of all sizes!

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