This mum lost over 20kgs to have a beautiful wedding transformation and looks amazing!

This mum may not have been happy with how much weight she lost before her wedding but the photos showed her amazing wedding transformation and she loved it!
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This mum was disappointed that she hadn’t lost as much weight as she had hoped before her wedding but looking back at photos she saw her true wedding transformation!

When Erin Brooke got married in August 2018 she wasn’t happy that she hadn’t lost as much weight as she had wanted too, but when she saw her before and after she saw just how far she had come.

What a beautiful bride Erin was!

Erin Brooke wedding transformation side

Erin’s wedding transformation makes a magical day even more amazing

“So, a couple of weeks ago I got married and was feeling a little down that I hadn’t lost as much weight as I would have liked for the big day. Since getting the photos I was able to compare some shots from what was my biggest. From wearing a size 18 – 20 in tops and pants and not being able to fold my arms across my body. Fast forward to now, I’m a size 12 – 14 and have a waist!”

erin brooke wedding transformation

Erin’s ‘why’

“I started because I’d just had enough, that first photo was taken at my sons 1st birthday and I was horrified when I got the photos back from the day. Instead of doing something about it, I was miserable and ended up gaining more. I stumbled across The Healthy Mummy on Facebook and decided to order some shakes after watching other mums results for a while.”

How Erin used The Healthy Mummy smoothies in her weight loss journey

“The shakes stopped me overeating or eating just because I felt like it or because I was bored. they tasted great and felt like I was having something unhealthy when I wasn’t lol (choc mint for the win) and they were filling. Having the shakes, changing my diet, and walking when I could started me off and it was gradually coming off. I fell completely off the bandwagon 12 months ago and regained 6kg. It took me a while to get back on track.”

Erin Brooke wedding transformation twirl

“We had decided that we would get married August 2018 on our ten year anniversary so it gave me motivation to keep going. In total, I’ve lost roughly 20kg. I haven’t stood on the scales in the lead up to the wedding but I was 82 last I checked, I’m sure that’s lower now as I had to have additional alterations on my dress a week out and get it pulled in a whole size. My heaviest I recorded was about 98.8.. But I got that number after already losing a bit so I’m certain I was 100kg if not more. I haven’t done any challenges. Just shakes. But the shakes did the job! It’s been slow and steady but worth it.”

We think you look amazing Erin and congratulations on your wedding!

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