These 6 mums are celebrating their non-scale VICTORIES

These six incredible Healthy Mummy mums have shared their amazing non-scale weight loss victories from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
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These six incredible Healthy Mummy mums have shared their amazing non-scale weight loss victories and we couldn’t be happier for them.

The scales can’t always be relied on and these mums show that they are losing weight and improving their health with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges .

Check out their wonderful stories below…

Celebrating all the non-scale VICTORIES

Leanne Taylor is celebrating fitting in this dress!

“I got this outfit for Christmas a few years ago and wanted to wear it for that new year,” she says.

“Sadly it didn’t fit – not even remotely! I was devastated, so I started taking my health journey seriously in January and promised myself I would be in it by may for my nephew’s wedding.

“Today I was able to do the zip up the whole way ! I am beyond excited obviously I still have a ways to go so it fit nicely but it certainly is a motivator!”

Shannon is celebrating wearing a dress 3 sizes smaller

“This is not just a before and after post, this was a huge non scale victory for me. On Wednesday, I went shopping and I used to hate going shopping,” she says.

“I purchased bathers! Not only did I purchase them, but I tried on 8 pairs, in front of a sales assistant and I didn’t hate myself!

“Then….I tried on this dress – it is above the knee (which has always been a no go) and was three dress sizes smaller than the dress in the left hand picture!”

Amanda is grateful her tummy doesn’t touch her thighs when sitting

“Sometimes IT takes a while for my brain to actually click on to what is happening outside my body joys of a special needs parent the others in my household take up most of my brain power most days this photo shows me that my mummy tummy doesn’t sit on my thighs anymore,” she says.

“The difference since starting is amazing and I’ll be forever grateful for this journey to better health all by joining The Healthy Mummy.”

Kelly is happy she is fitting better in this skirt

“12 months between these photos and I’m wearing the same skirt. Not going to lie – my belly hasn’t magically disappeared it’s still there. It’s just not so noticeable when I wear this skirt now,” she says.

“No matter how many setbacks you endure, be consistent and just keep going with baby steps. No matter how long it takes you – if you keep up, you will be on your way to being a happier and healthier you.”

Shelley feels better within herself

“When your work clothes start getting looser! It feels like a huge achievement for me. I don’t know how much I weighed on the left, but I do know I was at rock bottom, mentally and physically,” she says.

“Flash forward – I feel stronger and healthier than ever before, in both aspects  I want this photo to be a reminder that although I will very likely be unwell again (mental health is not linear), I have the ability and capacity to get back up again. Fall down 9 times, get up 10.”

Crystal Gubecka can now run 50km

“My ultimate non scale is running my 50km ultra marathon! It’s definitely not something I ever thought I would be able to do,” she says.

“But The Healthy Mummy has helped me lose weight and have the energy to commit to the gruelling training. And I did it! About to line up for another one in May!”

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