This mum lost over 15kgs and found a new sense of kick arse confidence

With over, 15kgs lost this mums transformation has been confidence boosting and helped her get her groove back! Who wouldn't say WOW!
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Looking good and feeling even better, Healthy Mummy Lauren Smith shared her amazing results and all we can say is…WOW!

Lauren posted in The Healthy Mummy community:

“18.5 kgs gone…a new sense of kick arse confidence gained. Thank you #healthymummyresults”

Lauren Smith confidence boosting transformation

Shopping for her 30th birthday inspired Lauren to make a change

“So I weighed 72.4kgs when I started back in 2014, eight weeks post-pregnancy from having my second baby, 16 mths after having my first. I remember so clearly going shopping for my 3oth birthday and being absolutely disgusted in myself. I hated the way I felt and looked and vowed to not feel this way ever again.”

“I started with your 28 Day Challenge book and the shakes and I still use these to this day. Love the Mexican lasagne and the flourless chocolate cake. Also love my Healthy Mummy tote bag…best bag ever.”

What are your goals?

“My goals keep changing, so the weight loss goal I achieved in 12mths, the toning muscle mass is still ongoing. Seeing results is what keeps me motivated.”

“My big picture goal is still to make it to Healthy Mummy HQ to meet the amazing Rhian and to be able to show off my results in person.”

What is your why and any advice to other Healthy Mummys?

“I do this for me first and foremost, but my family benefits too. I now weigh approx 58kg but I don’t weigh myself very often.” 

“The best advice I can give to other Healthy Mummys is to take it slow, celebrate even the smallest loss as it all adds up. My loss was slow but it did happen and it was sustainable.”

What has been the biggest change you have seen?

The thing that has changed is my absolute love of exercise. I have found a group of friends who are like-minded and we all love encouraging each other.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t all been rosy when Lauren posted her amazing before and after photos (above) in The Healthy Mummy support group on Facebook a lot of other mums made the assumption she had a tummy tuck. This dampened her excitement over her results but we think you look amazing and are an inspiration, Lauren!

“One thing I want to bring to light is to again reiterate that I have not had any tummy surgery, tummy tucks or magical help, my results are from hard work, consistency, clean eating, exercise and time and patience. I was overwhelmed with comments on my last FBF pic of cruel accusations of having had surgery, very disappointing. Let’s lift each other up, and congratulate each other instead of pulling each other down.”

We’re all about lifting each other up at The Healthy Mummy and we are with you Lauren! Keep on kicking those goals!

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Healthy Mummy smoothie confidence boosting
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